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Rijswijkseweg 127, The Hague

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  • Ejaz Sahib

    A real and original taxi base in Den Haag. Rest all are fake and counterfeit companies doing as if. HTMC is the quickest , professional and real skilled Cab Base of Den Haag with 350 taxis . No match to it. Not even closer to this REAL & ORIGINAL Taxi Centrale. 070 - 3907722 With in 5 minutrs taxi is before your door. .

    3 weeks ago
  • Claire

    TERRIBLE! Do not use this company. Today I had a job interview, ordered taxi and no arrival after 18 minutes. I called to ask where is the taxi, operator said, the taxi has now got other passengers. I said, What are you talking about? I have been at my home waiting for the taxi. He said somebody else had been outside my door, and instead took my taxi. (Driver did not ask obviously if they had booked it). Phone operator did not apologise, instead yelled at me and spoke over me as I said I am now late for a job interview and this is terrible service. No solutions offered for their error, do not trust this company especially if you have important meeting!

    a year ago
  • Jana Petrova

    What a service: the car was stinking from smoke; the driver was asking me for directions in spite of having a perfectly working gps. In the end he dropped me off 200meters away, as I didn't fancy yet another de-tour for extra10 euro. In summary: never again.

    a year ago
  • ayad khoshnaw

    what an unprofessional centralist , he almost hang the phone on me.

    7 months ago
  • Izabela Rybarczyk

    Driver of a taxi with license plate number 7-ZTP-85: The driver took a roundabout road to the destination, ignoring me noticing that this is not the right way to the address provided. Only after I called the taxi centrale and complained about this, he reduced the fee to the amount adviced by the taxi centrale. He then made rude remarks of discriminative and racistic remarks, upsetting my child to the point that she would cry. I called the taxi centrale again to discuss the issue but the person I talked to hanged up on me. I am shocked by kind of racistic, cheating drivers that this company choses to work with and the poor level of service provided by the call centrale.

    a year ago