Mondrian & The Stijl

In 1917 the Dutch art movement De Stijl was established and Piet Mondrian is its most important representative. That is why in 2017, the Netherlands celebrated a festive year, 'Mondrian to Dutch Design' and The Hague was sparing no expense in organising numerous exhibitions and activities related to the famous artist and the influential art movement. The central hub of all this is naturally the Kunstmuseum Den Haag with the largest Mondrian collection in the world.

This is The Hague

The city of peace and justice. The city of the cosmopolitan and the beach. From new styles to old masters. From shops to palaces. From exotic cuisines to Dutch fishing harbours. From international jurisdiction to street savvy. The Hague will captivate you with its modern skyline combined with beautiful historical and royal buildings in the city centre. This is The Hague!

Cultural treasures

The Hague offers a wealth of impressive art. Take inspiration from the special Hague museums and beautiful exhibitions. Admire the excellent works by Rembrandt and Vermeer in the Mauritshuis. Give your imagination free reign at Escher Museum in the Palace Museum. And discover the pearl in the dunes of Scheveningen, Museum Beelden aan Zee.

Hidden spots

The Hague has much more to offer than the major attractions and cultural highlights you might read about in your guidebook. Whether you're a first time visitor or a lifetime resident, the insider tips below will help you navigate the city like a pro!