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Museumhuis De Quack

Elandstraat 12, 2513 GR The Hague
Museumhuis De Quack (fotograaf Arjan Bronkhorst)
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Welcome to Museumhuis De Quack

Come and visit one of the first terraced houses in the Netherlands! It may sound like nothing special, but Quack House is an exception.

It has been extended, modified, rebuilt on numerous occasions. Architect Jan De Quack bought the property in 1902 and extensively renovated it. He had to be creative with his funds and the space available. He set to work immediately, searching for ways of perfecting the finishing touches of his work. And did this in combination with his unconventional vision as an architect and being a man of means. The result was an unusual staircase tower at the rear of the house, a dumb waiter, a living room decorated with gold leaf and beautiful wooden and marbled features.

The Key

If you'd like to come and admire this piece of architecture, then you can borrow the key and explore it by yourself! You can open all the doors and cupboards, sit down in the living room and wait until the staff come and bring you a cup of tea or coffee.

Opening hours 

Museum House De Quack is open to the public for a weekend every month between 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM. The opening days are: March 1st & 2nd (until 2:00 PM), March 15th - 17th, April 5th - 7th, May 3rd & 4th, June 7th - 9th, July 5th - 7th, August 3rd ( from 12:00) & August 4th, September 13th to 15th, October 4th to 6th, October 11th to 13th, November 15th to 17th and December 6th to 8th 

Museumhuis De Quack
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