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Record stores, fashion and interior boutiques, concept stores, food shops: only the arsenal of exclusive companies in The Hague makes visiting the city so much more than worth it.

This Local-Heroes walking route takes you along all kinds of shops inside and outside the city center. Each and every one of them hidden gems with fantastic products. Stroll and shop at your leisure while getting to know the creative entrepreneurial spirit of The Hague.

By walking this local heroes route you get off the beaten track. So in peace, avoid busy places in a safe place and receive them at a suitable distance at these unique companies. Sounds good right?

3345 The Hague

You can score exclusive music in an exclusive city.


Tucked away gem in an atmospheric alley on the Noordeinde

Store du Nord

Not the clothes, but Store du Nord makes the man

Magasin Horaz

An eccentric department store in mini shape


A slightly different feeling and therefore extra fun!


Pens that you immediately write history with


Jewelry and beautiful gemstones that you can use for the rest of your life.

IJscoman Moes

Ice cold democracy for sale!

Haagse Antiek- en Boekenmarkt

Het Lange Voorhout

A walk on the most beautiful avenue in the country. Priceless!

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