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Paul Krugerlaan

Paul Krugerplein, 2571 HT The Hague
Paul Krugerlaan

Paul Krugerlaan is a unique shopping street in the heart of the Transvaalkwartier, close to the Hague Market. You might think you are on a world tour as you wander this street, brimming with culture, where, in just a few hundred yards, you can stroll through the Middle East to Asia. Enjoy delicious scents, exotic food specialities, colourful clothing and unique gifts from countries such as Morocco, Turkey, Suriname and India. Undertake a voyage of discovery an come shop in what might be the most exciting shopping street in The Hague.

Multicultural shopping area
Shopping on Paul Krugerlaan is surprisingly multicultural. The diversity of the local population in the Transvaalkwartier has resulted in the whole world being here within hand-reach. In the street all kinds of shops with products from many different countries are to be found. The street is alive with all varieties of cultures and, while large parts of the area are made up of new buildings, the atmosphere has the unmistakable feel of a melting pot of cultures. Here, the social cohesion among the 14,000 residents is very strong. The wide variety of cultures is what makes Paul Krugerlaan a unique experience.

Shop around the world
Paul Krugerlaan has all kinds of shops for fashion, lifestyle and daily shopping. With the Hague Market just around the corner and the various cultural shops that can be found here, you will find yourself in a cosmopolitan shopping street. For the everyday shopping, you can head to one of the Islamic butchers, mini-marts and bakeries. For fashion and interiors, there is something typical for all cultures. You can find almost anything you need here. From the loveliest evening dresses from the Middle East to festival items from India. You can find pretty much everything you need on Paul Krugerlaan.

Food & Drink
The street offers all kinds of eateries, including numerous snack bars, takeaways and coffee shops. You really can taste every culture here.

The Transvaalkwartier was built around 1900 and was intended for workers who came to The Hague as part of the Industrial Revolution. Since these people needed somewhere to live as quickly as possible, buildings went up rapidly and much of the housing in the Transvaalwijk is comprised of the so-called ‘Jerry Builds’. In 1938, the Hague Market moved into the neighbourhood when it outgrew the Prinsegracht. The market was further expanded within the area into what has since become the largest market in the Netherlands.

The Hague Market
The Hague Market around the corner from Paul Krugerlaan is one of the largest multicultural markets in Europe. Antique, exotic, modern, cheap, unique: it reflects the wares of the multicultural population of the city of The Hague. Wander through the food section where Dutch cauliflower is mixed with fresh coriander, baklava, Sharon fruit, fresh fish or garters. Be amazed by the extensive range of flowers at the flower market and be astonished by the clothing and shoe section. Stroll through the Hague Market on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays and Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Getting here
Paul Krugerlaan can best be reached by tram. From The Hague Central Station take tram 6 towards Leyenburg and get off at Paul Krugerplein. If you are coming from The Hague Hollands Spoor station, you can best take tram 12 towards Duindorp and also get off at Paul Krugerplein.


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