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Plaats, 2513 AE The Hague
Standbeeld De Witt op de Plaats in Den Haag

A special feature that distinguishes the Plaats is the imposing statue of Johan de Witt, an icon of Dutch history. Johan de Witt was a brilliant politician and statesman in the Golden Age of the Netherlands. Standing proudly in the center of the square, the statue honors his legacy and influence on the politics and diplomacy of the time.

The image of Johan de Witt reminds us of the importance of his work as a council pensionary and his role in shaping the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands. His insight and leadership contributed to the flourishing of the Dutch economy and culture during this period. As a symbol of his legacy, the statue stands as a silent witness to history, with a keen eye on the city he helped shape.

The Plaats itself, with its refined architecture and charming atmosphere, is the perfect backdrop for the statue of Johan de Witt. The square is a place where past and present come together. As you walk the cobblestones, it's easy to imagine how this space was once the scene of historical events and important encounters.

Thanks to the proximity of various cafes, restaurants and shops, the Plaats is a popular place to relax and enjoy the unique ambiance of The Hague. The coming together of the statue of Johan de Witt and the lively dynamism of the square creates a special atmosphere that encompasses both homage and contemporary city life.

The Plaats in The Hague Center, near the Binnenhof and the Hofvijver, is not only a place of historical significance, but also a meeting point where the past and the present come together harmoniously.

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