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Beach and water sports

Powerboat 070

Dr. Lelykade 26, 2583 CM The Hague
Powerboat 070
Water sport
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Powerboat 070 provides, as the name suggests, powerboat/RIB trips off the coast of Scheveningen. The speed can easily reach 100 km per hour. The adrenaline rush that comes to your body is something special. The speed are reduced in between to catch your breath and look at the pier, the drilling platform or viewing dunes. Then the gas opens again and your hair is guaranteed to get messy! The ideal sporty outing… 

RIB Varen
Powerboat 070 provides various RIB trips on which you can sail with different types of groups. You can fly over the waves of the North Sea at a speed of no less than 100 km per hour. Enjoy the view of the water and the adrenaline that comes to you after an intense trip. Whether your group consists of 4 or 120 people, Powerboat 070 is sure to make it a special day.

Powerboat 070 offers, in addition to RIB sailing, even more activities in Scheveningen. With the rental of jet ski's and flyboards, there is always something exciting to do at Powerboat 070. Letting go of everything and taking charge of the high waves of the North Sea is therefore highly recommended. In addition to the jet skis, flyboarding is now completely hip and happening. Getting out of the water, diving through the water and floating in the air, with a flyboard it's all possible. You immediately feel the ultimate feeling of freedom.

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