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Rederij Vrolijk

Dr. Lelykade 3H, 2583 CL The Hague
Rederij Vrolijk
Water sport

Experience the excitement of the north sea! Fancy a sporting adventure? The ships of Rederij Vrolijk B.V. depart daily from the port of Scheveningen to go sport fishing at sea! All year round, depending on the season, mackerel, dab, whiting, and cod are fished. Book a full package, or book a single boat ticket, everything is possible!

Are you not a fish lover? Then, with groups, you can also go for various round trips along the Dutch coast, inland waters, or wind farms. The ships of Rederij Vrolijk B.V. are also particularly suitable for parties, and festivities.

In the second inner harbor of Scheveningen you will find Rederij Vrolijk B.V. who have been sailing with their ships every day since 1970 to go sport fishing, or for a nice cruise on the North Sea.

In the winter period, cod, whiting, and flatfish are fished, and the ships go to anchor or wrecks. Anchor fishing mainly takes place around the sandbanks close to the coast, and in particular you can catch whiting, dab, and plaice. Occasionally it happens that you catch a sole fish, or a smaller codfish. This type fishing is best suited for the novice sport fishermen.

Wreck Fishing
In the winter season there is also the possibility of wreck fishing, a very popular variant of sport fishing. The captains will sail to a wreck on the North Sea and then drift the ship across a wreck. You can catch codfish, but it is also possible to catch coalfish, or pout. This type fishing is best suited for experienced anglers.

In the summer period, mackerel is being fished. The captains look for the mackerels and let the ships float over the school of mackerels so that the chance of a good catch is optimal.

The Ships
Rederij Vrolijk B.V. has two ships that are used for sport fishing, and cruises. The m.s Estrella is an authentic Dutch ship, built in 1933, with a length of 60 meters, and a width of 9 meters. This makes the Estrella excellent for fishing for mackerel and anchor fishing. The Estrella seats up to 125 people, and has a spacious bar and kitchen. In addition, a cutting table is provided on the aft deck with running water so that the caught fish can be cleaned immediately.

The m.s Albatros is an authentic Dutch fishing trawler, built in 1963, with a length of 25 meters, and a width of 6 meters. The MS Albatros is very suitable for wreck fishing and can carry up to 42 people. The ship has a modest galley that can accommodate 10 people.

The ships leave the port for sportfishing at around 08.00 in the morning, and arrive back at the port around 15.30. It is advised to always make reservations in advance. There are various sandwiches, and drinks available on board of the ships. In addition, all the necessary fishing equipment, and live bait, is for sale or for rent in the pavilion of Rederij Vrolijk B.V.
Before you embark, you must enter the pavilion of Rederij Vrolijk B.V. report your presence, and you can also pay. It is possible to pay in cash or by card. You can also visit the website of Rederij Vrolijk B.V. to reserve.

Sport fishing package
Recently it has been made possible by Rederij Vrolijk B.V. to book a sport fishing package. You do not have to think about anything, because everything is included in the package. The package includes food, drinks, fishing equipment and bait. For groups it’s possible to charter a ship, with a sport fishing package. There is a special discount for the sport fishing package, and for groups there are several options for catering on board.

Cruise on the North Sea
At Rederij Vrolijk B.V. it is also possible for groups to rent a ship for a cruise on the North Sea. Normally, while enjoying a snack and a drink, a cruise along the coast is made where you have a beautiful view of the boulevard of Scheveningen, the Kurhaus, and the walking pier. On request it is also possible to rent a ship longer and visit a wind farm, or a different destination. Various options are also possible in the area of catering on board.

The second inner harbor of Scheveningen is easily accessible by both public transport from the city, the train stations, and by car. There is also ample free parking space available next to the pavilion of Rederij Vrolijk B.V., and in the rest of the second inner harbor of Scheveningen.

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