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Rietveld Theater

Rietveld 49, 2611 LH Delft
Rietveld Theater
The Rietveld Theater in Delft is a do-it-yourself theatre; artists and programmers can book their own performances. A manual has been drawn up especially for the do-it-yourself concept with all the information and rates.

The concept of the theater isĀ Do-It-Yourself; artists and programmers book their own performances. The theater is run by volunteers. This means, for example, that your question or reservation is not always responded to immediately. Please understand this.


The Rietveld Theater is located in the old city center of Delft. It is about a 10-minute walk from the station. Paid parking is available on Paardenmarkt or Markt Garage, both a short walk from the theatre. Check the website of the municipality of Delft for the most up-to-date information. To get to the theater, do not drive over Nieuwe Langendijk, but via Oosterstraat and Vlamingstraat.

The theater has a city garden where there is also space to store bicycles. This prevents too many bicycles from being parked on the street, creating a dangerous situation and tripping over the neighbors. Therefore always follow the directions of the hosts.

The theater is wheelchair accessible. They do, however, like to know in advance when you want to come with a wheelchair. Then the host/hostess will arrange a place for you and your companion. Mail to: cashier@rietveldtheater.nl

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