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Boten haven Scheveningen

Nautical information


Seaport The Hague- Scheveningen always offers cruise ships a warm welcome. The port has excellent conditions to receive the smaller cruise ships. The Adriaan Maaskade has a spacious berth, right next to the boulevard and the beach, and can receive ships up to 120 meters. Ships up to 165 meters are welcomed in the first port on the quay of the Vissershavenweg.

Practical information - sea cruises

With a central location on the Dutch coastline, Seaport The Hague - Scheveningen has direct, deep water access to the North Sea, which allows for a swift entrance to and exit from the port. The port is accessible for vessels up to 165 metres in length with a draught of max. 7.5 metres. The port has excellent conditions to receive smaller cruise ships.

Seaport The Hague - Scheveningen uses flexible terminal facilities to ensure a safe and smooth (dis)embarkment process. These facilities usually include a tourist information desk and security services and can be tailored to your specific needs and of course according the weather conditions. There is not a permanent terminal building.

Nautical details:
Maximum LOA: 165 m
Maximum draught: 7.5 m
Maximum air draught: no restrictions
Quays: Vissershavenweg – 380 m
Adriaan Maaskade – 120 m
Anchorage: 1.4 nautical miles
Tidal movement: 2.0 m
Tugs available: yes
Facilities: bunkering, water, waste reception, shore power

Contact details:
Port Authority
Telephone: +31 70 352 77 01 or +31 70 352 77 21 (24 hours)
Email: havenbedrijf@denhaag.nl
Website: https://www.denhaag.nl/en/general/port-authority-and-traffic-control-centre.htm

More information on Sea Port The Hague – Scheveningen download the brochure

Practical Information - river cruises

The Hague offers great shore excursions opportunities on short distance from the major river cruises ports in The Netherlands.
From various cities in the Netherlands The Hague is easy to reach for on shore excursions.
Rotterdam 27 km
Dordrecht 56 km
Gouda 33 km
Amsterdam 66 km
Zaandam 72 km

Port Facilities

The port of The Hague - Scheveningen has excellent conditions to receive smaller cruise ships. The Adriaan Maaskade, a spacious quay, is located near the boulevard and the beach and can accommodate vessels up to 120 meters.
Larger vessels up to 165 metres can berth at the Vissershavenweg-quay in the first harbour. The harbour hosts all the necessary facilities, such as sanitation, bunkers and tugs. The Hague always ensures a warm welcome for cruise ships and media coverage can be arranged to promote your cruises.

First harbour: fisheries
The First Harbour is the centre of the fishing fleet, with shipping companies and the fish auction. The Port Authority and the Traffic Control Centre offices are also located here. There is also space for off-shore vessels, large commercial vessels, the towing services and the coast guard rescue services (KNRM).
The wharves are home to major commercial activities.

Second Harbour: recreation
The Second Harbour is the recreational harbour. Apart from the marina, the Second Harbour offers space for charter vessels and small professional and recreational fishing vessels. The quays are lined with restaurants and cafes, making it a friendly and lively place. It represents a mix of professional activities and tourism.

Third Harbour: special vessels
The Third Harbour provides space for special vessels such as those from the Rijkswaterstaat (part of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment). Part of this harbour will be developed as a harbour for seagoing vessels. It also offers facilities for professional shipping. The wharf can also be used for commercial and research vessels, and is also suitable for larger sailing boats

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