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HTM Koekamp

Traffic and public transport


The Hague is located in the west of the Netherlands and can be reached in many ways: by plane, by train and by road. Rotterdam is less than 30 kilometers away from The Hague and Amsterdam is approximately 60 kilometers away. The Hague has an excellent and fast public transport network and has sufficient parking garages

Public transport to the center of The Hague

The Hague has excellent public transport. A large number of bus and tram lines will take you to the center of The Hague. You can get off at the Spui stop (in the tram tunnel), Centrum, Kalvermarkt-Stadhuis or Amsterdamse Veerkade. HTM is currently running an adjusted timetable in connection with work and the applicable curfew. More information about this can be found here.

Public transport to Scheveningen

Scheveningen is very easy to reach by public transport. From the stations Hollands Spoor and The Hague Central you can use tram 1,9,11 and bus 22 of the HTM, which will take you to the beach within 15 minutes. Buses 21 and 23, which both run around the city center of The Hague, also go to Scheveningen. The trams and buses to Scheveningen run all day from 07:00 to 24:00, approximately every 10 minutes.

Park & ​​Bike

Park at various strategic places in The Hague and continue by bike? This is now possible with Park & ​​Bike! With Park & ​​Bike you can park cheaply all day long and rent a bicycle in one. A fast, sustainable and healthy way to travel further and discover The Hague by bicycle.

Parking in The Hague

There are plenty of parking garages in The Hague and Scheveningen. Follow the matrix signs for the best parking space in The Hague. You can also park on the street (paid) in The Hague. For paid parking on the street in The Hague, you can pay at all parking machines with your bank card, credit card or mobile phone. Before parking on the street, pay close attention to the signs in the relevant street with instructions about parking times.

Wheel clamp

Do you have a wheel clamp on your vehicle? The Municipality of The Hague can place a wheel clamp on a vehicle in various situations. Read more about removing the wheel clamp and the costs here.

Interparking - Parkeergarage Museumkwartier
Parking garages
Interparking - Parkeergarage Museumkwartier
Parking garages
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