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Strand Scheveningen ter hoogte van Hart Beach - Foto Arjan de Jager

Webcams The Hague


Have you always wanted to experience the beach of Scheveningen and Kijkduin from your own home? Or would you rather have a look at how lively it is in the center and how the traffic situation is on the highway? Sit comfortably on the couch and watch everything that is happening in The Hague live.

Enjoy a number of webcams with varied images!

Webcam storks nest in The Hague

The stork is inextricably linked to Dutch culture and The Hague. The stork is even on the flag of The Hague and of course in the logo of the football club ADO Den Haag. Due to increasing urbanization in the Netherlands, the stork became rare from the 1970s onwards. To prevent the stork from disappearing completely in the Netherlands, programs have been set up for the habitation of storks in our country. Admire the stork in The Hague here.

Webcam Scheveningen 

Take a look at the beach and the Boulevard of Scheveningen. This way you can see the seasons live, because the beach is great in any weather! Ideal if you plan to take a walk on the beach. This camera is suspended 10 meters above the Zeekant and Seinpostduin. It is installed at the Boulevard Hotel on the west side. There is also a nice webcam at Hart Beach, a real surf and kite place and one in the North of Scheveningen, at the Cartlon Beach Hotel.

Webcam Kijkduin  

You also have a view of the beach and the Boulevard of Kijkduin. The Boulevard is currently being renovated and will be open again in the spring. Nice to follow the construction before the opening! The camera is installed at a height of 30 meters above Deltaplein and is attached to the NH Atlantic hotel on the southwest side.

Webcam Center The Hague

These two webcams are in the middle of the city! Watch the shoppers or the unloading of the cargo in the morning. These cameras are mounted on the place, one of the nicest squares in The Hague, and above the shops in the Hoogstraat.

Webcam Plaats en Hoogstraat Binnenstad Den Haag

Webcams Utrechtse baan en Highway A12

Rijkswaterstaat has installed a number of trafficams on the A12 from and around The Hague. Hopefully there are not traffic jams that are too long. The camera images refresh when the website is reloaded

Webcam tennisclub Houtrust Den Haag 

You can even follow sports live on one of the cameras. Tennis club Never Out Houtrust in The Hague has placed a web camera above the tennis court. Enjoy matches and training sessions of the sports association.


Do you know more webcams in The Hague? Send us a message via info (at) denhaag.com
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