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Storm veroorzaakt hoge golven op de Noordzee en zorgt voor spectaculair beelden bij het havenhoofd van Scheveningen - Foto: Arjan de Jager

Watch live with webcams on the beach


Have you always wanted to experience the beach of Scheveningen and Kijkduin from your own home? Or would you rather have a look at how lively it is in the center and how the traffic situation is on the highway? Sit comfortably on the couch and watch everything that is happening in The Hague live. Enjoy a number of web cameras with varied images!

Webcams Scheveningen 

Take a look at the beach and the Boulevard of Scheveningen. This way you can see the seasons live, because the beach is great in any weather! Ideal if you are planning to go for a walk on the beach or if you feel like taking a dip. Or watch the surfers in the water! 


From March, the nest cams at visitor centre De Tapuit and at the top of the water tower in Scheveningen will be turned on. The nest box at De Tapuit has been occupied by barn owls for years. In the water tower, peregrine falcons can be admired. With as many as four cameras, you can follow everything live! From the mating ritual and egg counting to the first chick and the special flight exercises. You will experience it all up close!

  • Look here for the barn owls.
  • Look here for the peregrine falcons.

Webcams Kijkduin  

From the webcams in Kijkduin you have a view of the beach and the Boulevard. The resort is currently being completely renovated. Nieuw Kijkduin will be a place for young and old and where you can enjoy 365 days a year. Fun to follow the build! 

Webcams Utrechtse baan and Highway A12

Rijkswaterstaat has installed a number of trafficams on the A12 from and around The Hague. Hopefully there are not traffic jams that are too long. The camera images refresh when the website is reloaded.

Webcam tennis and football

You can even follow sports live on one of the cameras. Tennis club Never Out Houtrust in The Hague has placed a web camera above the tennis court. Enjoy matches and training sessions of the sports association. You also can watch the large field via the webcam of the football and cricket club Quick.

Webcams Outside The Hague

Do you feel like going to the beach of Wassenaar by bike? Via the webcam of Wassenaarse Slag you can see what it is like there. Whether winter or summer, at SnowWorld in Zoetermeer you can go down the ski jump every day. You can watch via the webcam.

Do you know more webcams in The Hague? Let us know at info@denhaag.com!
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