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Studfarm In 't Groene Hout

Oostdorperweg 203a, 2241 BG Wassenaar
Stoeterij in t Groene Hout
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From a traditional studfarm with the ambiance of the 1920’s, GreenWoods/ In ‘t Groene Hout has been developed into a cultural center for traditional and romantic country life on the themes of music, hunting, nature and horses.

Stoeterij in t Groene Hout
Jachtzaal In 't Groene Hout
Paarden stoeterij in 't Groene Hout - wedstrijd
Stoeterij in t Groene Hout

Throughout the year events are regularly organized with highlights such as GreenWoods Romantic Hubertus Fall Fest and the GreenWoods Jolly WinterWonderLand Christmas Rides.

Riding tour with Jan Plezier Meijendel
Those who used to come to the Meijendel Farm, will remember the horses in the stables, the cavalry by the fire, tasty pancakes and the wonderful walks, bike- or horse rides in nature. Lovers of Old Dutch traditions can indulge themselves again. Several times a week you can ride with a Jan Plezier – classic carriage – drawn by heavy Gotland ponies from the Ardennes of the well-known Wassenaarse Studfarm In ‘t Groene Hout. The janpleziermeijendel.nl only rides on weekdays. The days/times can be viewed daily at www.janpleziermeijendel.nl.

Riding tours
Riding tours through the Wassenaar residential areas, the dunes and the old village  where you can stop for a drink in the rustic Hunting Room. Or visit the famous Falabella miniature horses ‘Lord & Lady Fisher’s Heritage’ and the GreenWoods race Arabs an the Ardennes and Noriker horses.

Music for hunting
Two hunting horn groups are connected to GreenWoods / In ‘t Groene Hout, each with their own music style, instruments and outfit. The Dutch championship was won several times in their class. Concerts take place.

Church organ
The enormous palace organ with attached instruments and other dance-, turn-, and sailor organs can be heard.

Events at this location

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