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Studfarm In 't Groene Hout

Oostdorperweg 203a, 2241 BG Wassenaar
Stoeterij in 't Groene Hout
Suited for
kids friendly kids
Museum genre
Number of persons
1-20, 21-50
Company outing, Family outing, Birthday party
Type of activity
Active, Round trip
Organisation type
Organizing agency

In 't Groene Hout/GreenWoods is a popular center for rural culture in Wassenaar, focusing on themes of nature, music, hunting, and fauna. Numerous events take place in and around the estate, offering unique arrangements. The interior, horses, and carriages bring you back to a century ago, creating a nostalgic ambiance. Located in Wassenaar, this charming center immerses visitors in the essence of rural life and nature.

The Stoeterij (Stud Farm) serves as the heart of the cultural center, hosting a variety of events. From musical performances to educational activities and celebrations centered around rural lifestyle, there is always something captivating happening here. What makes this center even more enchanting is the opportunity to experience and organize original arrangements. Visitors can enjoy authentic and one-of-a-kind experiences that are not found elsewhere.

Whether participating in traditional  parties, exploring the natural surroundings in historic carriages, or admiring majestic horses, In 't Groene Hout/GreenWoods invokes a sense of nostalgia and wonder. For those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life and a chance to travel back in time, this rural cultural center proves to be an ideal destination.

Stoeterij in t Groene Hout
Stoeterij in t Groene Hout
Jachtzaal Stoeterij in 't Groene Hout
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