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Tennis Club Houtrust

Laan van Poot 38, 2566 EC The Hague
Tennispark Houtrust
Tennis Club Houtrust is a pleasant and sociable tennis association, where you can play tennis every day. Many activities and tournaments are organised here and the tennis club participates in the league. Extra attention is given to the youth for whom many fun activities are organised such as a pancake tournament, cannon-tennis (kanonnentennis) and the tennis camp. The society has been in existence for 60 years and is affiliated with the KNLTB.

In 1831, after the Houtrust Estate passed into the hands of the Prince of Orange, who was later to become King Willem II, his successor King William IIII built the characteristic pavilion, which is still there today. In 1910 the first concrete tennis courts were erected and since then, for over a hundred years, tennis has always been played here.
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