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Theatre Branoul

Maliestraat 12, 2514 CA The Hague
Theater Branoul

The Branoul Theatre is an intimate, idiosyncratic and cosy theatre located on the Maliestraat in one of the nicest parts of the old centre of The Hague, near the beautiful Lange Voorhout and the famous Hotel Des Indes. It is also near to Theatre Diligentia and the Koninklijke Schouwburg. Branoul gives off a kind of atmosphere, one that could be compared to the small theatres in Paris and Berlin.

Telling a story
It is a place where you as an actor or storyteller come into direct contact with your audience. A place where well-known and famous actors also like to play, because they can return back to their routes just like when they started out in their profession: telling a story to the spectator. Just like it was a private conversation between the player and the audience. The spectators feel like they are witnessing something extremely special just for them.

Where did the name Branoul originate from?
Theatre Branoul gets its name from an elephant in a story by Anton Koolhaas - The little man that stays in his head and the fish. That elephant is eighteen years old and on the verge of adulthood. He learns from his mother that every elephant has a male role model in his head that shows him the way. Koolhaas' elephant is not a cute elephant. On the contrary: if Branoul loses his man-in-the-head, he will go berserk.

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