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AMAZE VR Virtual Reality

Escaperooms in The Hague

Do you dare? Take on the challenge together and make an attempt to escape from the escape room as quickly as possible. Are you able to get outside again within a certain time? Good luck with your escape!

If you are looking for a fun interpretation of a company outing, team building, bachelor party, family outing or children's party, there are many options, but do you want something different? Then try one of the escape rooms that can be found in The Hague, Scheveningen or in the area. There are various challenging options for both adults and children! Look no further, we have made an overview of the best escape rooms.

Amaze Escape Room

4 escaperooms

  •  VR Escape Room
  •  Battle Escape Room
  •  Online: The New Assignment
  •  Online: Your next appointment (2-6 persons)

Unlock Scheveningen

3 escaperooms:

  • Mission Impossible
  • The Mummy Tomb
  • Pirates of The North Sea

All also available in English. The ages differ per escape room.

The Hague Escape

2 escaperooms:

  • De Schuilkamer (2-7 persons, from 14 years)
  • The Hostel (2-4 people.)

You can pay by card or cash on arrival. Do reserve in advance.

Escape Tours Den Haag    

  • This escape tour gets to know the highlights and also King Willem III.
  • The tour lasts approximately 2 hours and you can play with 2 to 5 people. You can choose your city online and then you pay via IDeal.
  • You can start whenever you want.

Escaperoom Scheveningen

  • Located in the Lourdes Church
  • 1 escape room
  • Chinese mafia
  • 2-8 persons

Escaperoom Experience

 2 escaperooms:

  •  The Artifact (3-6 persons)
  •  Verdieping 13 (2-6 persons from 16 years) 

Escaperoom Real-life Xcape Den Haag

3 escaperooms:

  • The Morgue
  • Espionage
  • Prison Escaper

Operation Exit

The Mansion: a unique Escape Room in the middle of The Hague. 

A treasure in an old country house  …
60 minutes, the clock is ticking.
Can you find it before it's too late?

Escaperoom Rijswijk

4 escaperooms:

  • The Execution (3-6 people from 16 years).
  • Theme: Prison Jason’s Curse (3-6 persons).
  • Theme: Horror Mystery of Whitechapel (2-6 people from 12 years old).
  • Theme: Mystery The Hangover (2-6 persons)

Escaperoom Down The Hatch Voorburg

3 escaperooms:

  • Molly’s Game (2-5 persons from 16 years)
  • Cooper Case 16+ (2-6 persons from 15 years)Theme: Adventure
  • Flight 815 (2-6 persons from 15 years). Theme: Airplane

Mission Room Leidschendam

4 escaperooms:

  • Escaperoom DEA (2-6 persons from 18 years).
  • Thema: Drugs. Escaperoom SWAT (2-8 persons from 16 years)
  • Christina’s Droom (2-6 persons from 16 years)
  • Cafe Voorburg (2-8 persons from 14 years)

StayAlive! Escape Experience

  • Unique escape experience from 16 years. 15-36 participants, at the same time and 1 story 1.5 hours

StayAlive! is a fun and challenging escape experience on the Duivenvoorde estate in Voorschoten. The beautiful castle park is the ideal setting for a group of 15 to 36 participants to be immersed in an exciting story with only one goal: survival.

Escape World Dekker Zoetermeer

4 escaperooms:

  • School of Witchcraft (2-5 persons from 12 years). Theme: Magic
  • Fying Dutchman (2-5 persons) Thems: ship
  • Cabin in the Woods (2-5 players). This room consists of 2 rooms.

Escape Challenge Zoetermeer

1 escaperoom:

  • Honeymoon Hotel (2-6 persons from 16 years)

Town-Quest Zoetermeer

4 escaperooms:

  • Huxley 2 – The Adventure Begins (2-4 persons fromf 12 year). Theme: VR en AR
  • Huxley Save The Future (2-4 persons from 12 year)
  • Beyond Medusa’s Gate (2-4 persons from12 year).Theme: Ship, VR en AR
  • Escape the Lost Pyramid (2-4 persons from 12 year). Theme: VR en AR

Kids Escape Room Ayers Rock Zoetermeer

  • (3-6 persons from vanaf 8 year)
  • Theme: Kids Escaperoom, History, Jungle

Delft Escape

1 escaperoom:

  • Save the Kingdom (3-6 people from 12 years old)

Escaperoom de Bagijnetoren Delft

  • Minimum age is 12 years.
  • 1 escaperoom

Escaperoom Westland

1 escaperoom:

  • the Flying Dutchman (2-6 persons from 14 years)

Outside Escape route The Hague

An outside escape is a kind of escape room, but then outside. You step into an exciting story full of riddles. You will try to solve the puzzles together with your teammates.

Quest Escapes

Just as exciting as a regular escape room, but outside

  • Play at any outdoor location in The Hague and surroundings
  • 2 hours of fun and excitement together
  • Choice of 3 different escape games and storylines
  • Playable from 4 to 100+ people; coronaproof, active and healthy
  • No reservation needed, you can start playing immediately
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