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The Hague and the Dutch Masters. The Hague and administrative power. With this city walk you will discover the history of the Golden Age in The Hague. The route takes you through art, religion, royal and administrative power from that time. Historical monuments, infamous stories, and gold with a wink.

De Hofvijver in Den Haag

Hofvijver "Court Pond"

The Hofvijver area is where The Hague originated.

Museum de Gevangenpoort in Den Haag

Museum de Gevangenpoort (The Prison Gate Museum )

This gate meant the end of the De Witt brothers.

Johan de Witthuis in Den Haag

Johan de Witthuis

Councilor Johan de Witt lived here from 1669 until his violent death

Paleis Noordeinde in Den Haag

Palace Noordeinde

From winter palace to working palace of the King, the palace shows the architect

Huis van Van Oldenbarnevelt in Den Haag

Home of Van Oldenbarnevelt

This was the home of councilor Johan van Oldenbarnevelt.

Lange Voorhout in Den Haag

Lange Voorhout

The Lange Voorhout in the Museum Quarter in The Hague is perhaps the most beauti

Pageshuis in Den Haag


The early 17th century house takes its name from the pages

Overnachten in het Museumkwartier

Hotel Des Indes

Step inside this former palace and enjoy the golden entourage.

Museum Bredius

Museum Bredius

Discover a beautiful private collection from the Bredius family.

Standbeeld Van Oldenbarnevelt in Den Haag

Statue Of Oldenbarnevelt

A worthy image of one of Dutch political educators.

Haags Historisch Museum

Haags Historisch Museum

Imagine yourself here in the Golden Age of The Hague.

Kabinet van de koning

Cabinet of the King

This 17th-century house is the link between the King and ministers.

Mauritshuis Buiten


In this famous museum you will find many Dutch masters.

Binnenhof en Ridderzaal

Inner Court - Hall of Knights

Also the centre of Dutch politics in the Golden Age.

Nieuwe Kerk

Nieuwe Kerk

Pure architecture from the Golden Age.

Bierkade 18B

Did you know:

Fun fact about the Bierkade

Jan van Goyenhuis

Landscape painter Van Goyen lived here.

Paulus Potterhuis in Den Haag

Paulus Potterhuis

This is where Paul Potter lived with his wife. He rented the painter's house.

Van Balckeneynde huis

Home of Van Balckeneynde

City architect and city architect Claes Dircx van Balckeneynde lived here.


Home of Spinoza

The home of sage Baruch Spinoza.

Heilige Geest Hofje

Heilige Geest courtyard

This courtyard was founded in 1616 by the wealthy and the church.

De Boterwaag

De Boterwaag

From 'Boterwaag' to Grand Café.

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