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Short on time, but still want to see as much of The Hague as possible? With this day trip to The Hague, you will discover the main attractions of the city and beach within a few hours: well-known tourist highlights such as the Binnenhof and the Scheveningen Pier, with tips for must-see shops and restaurants along the way.

Mauritshuis Buiten


World famous museum with masterpieces like "Girl with a Pearl Earring".

Binnenhof en Ridderzaal

Binnenhof - Ridderzaal

This has been the centre of Dutch politics for centuries.

Mensen met ProDemos-app op Binnenhof

ProDemos - ProDemos – House for democracy and the rule of law

Optional for those who want to take a tour of the Binnenhof.

Dudok Den Haag


You often see politicians in this well-known city brasserie.

Hop en Stork Den Haag

Hop & Stork

One of the best coffee and chocolate shops in The Netherlands.

't Goude Hooft Den Haag

't Goude Hooft

The oldest inn in The Hague is still a popular meeting place.

Michael Barnaart

Michael Barnaart

Cosy and prestigious shop from the best designer in The Hague.

Paleis Noordeinde

Palace Noordeinde

If the flag is flying out at the palace, then the King is in the country.

Omar Munie Clothing

Omar Munie Flagship Store

Young designer from The Hague, specialised in exclusive bags.

Winkelgebied Het Noordeinde


Chic shopping street full of exclusive boutiques and galleries.

Panorama Mesdag

Panorama Mesdag

Experience the magical illusion of the largest painting in The Netherlands.

Hortus Vegetarisch Restaurant

Hortus Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian dishes with great taste and attention to detail.


Peace Palace

Visit the Visitors Centre of this world famous building.

Hotelarrangementen - Hotel Indigo

De Pier

The most famous attraction on the coast in the Netherlands offers a great view.



Dutch miniature city full of famous buildings and stories.



This is a must for lovers of lifestyle and design.

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