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This sturdy, varied forest and dune walk from VVV Den Haag leads you from the edge of the historic city centre via a beautiful route to the sea.

Through the ancient Haagse Bos with the royal palace, you can walk through the Clingendael estate into the dunes of Meijendel. In this nature reserve, this route winds along a kilometre-long footpath to the coast and finally travels the last stretch towards Scheveningen over the beach.

Paviljoen Malieveld

Paviljoen Malieveld

Convenient starting and meeting point on the outskirts of the city centre

Haagse Bos

Haagse Bos (Forest of The Hague)

Did you know that this is the oldest forest in the Netherlands?

Paleis Huis ten Bosch

Palace Huis ten Bosch

This will be the future home of the King and his family.


Louwman Museum

Optional: admire one of the world's most beautiful car collections here.

Japanse Tuin Landgoed Clingendael

Fun Fact!

Fact about the Japanese garden:

Park Clingendael


Beautiful estate with a rich history, known for the Japanese Garden.



Well-known monuments a reminder of a whimsical history.



You are in the middle of the largest dune area in South Holland.


De Tapuit, visitor centre Dunea

Learn more about the special Meijendel dune area.


Picture time!

Perhaps the most beautiful point on the route.

Zwarte Pad Scheveningen

Zwarte Pad

During the summer the best place to find your beach club!

Hotelarrangementen - Hotel Indigo

De Pier

The most famous attraction on the coast in the Netherlands.



At the historic Malieveld you are back at the starting point of this route.

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