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Museums and attractions

WTC The Hague Art Gallery

Prinses Beatrixlaan 582, 2995 BM Den Haag
WTC The Hague Art Gallery
Museum genre
+1 6 3394 8685
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Every two months we present a new exhibition with work by national and international artists in the art gallery of WTC The Hague. Admire our carefully selected art or purchase an insanely beautiful piece. At home in the living room or above your desk; the pieces of art that we present are beautifully displayed in various places. You can also rent a piece of art. As an entrepreneur or resident of WTC The Hague you can rent a work of art for as little as € 15 per month via our art lending program. You will find our Art Gallery on the second floor.

Art Gallery is open every day and freely accessible. Gallery manager Axel Lemmens is present by appointment. If you have questions or want to know more about an artwork or about the art lending service, make an appointment via the contact details below.