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Antique and book market

Haagse Antiek- en Boekenmarkt Foto Rob Hogeslag
City center
Market type
Art and antiques market
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The antique and book market on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague is a true mecca for lovers of antiques, curiosities, old prints and books, paintings and art objects. Enjoy the countless stalls full of antiques and books with cozy terraces around the market on the Lange Voorhout.

Haagse Antiek- en Boekenmarkt
Haagse Antiek- en Boekenmarkt
An attractive and charming market, for everyone.

Arts and antique market

Once a week (on Thursdays from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM) in winter/spring, several book stalls and an antique stall can be found on Lang Voorhout.

From May 2 to September 22 Thursday and Sunday at the Lange Voorhout.
Looking for a first edition of a favorite book, old prints, paintings or things from grandmother's time? The book and antiques market in The Hague is the perfect place for this. In the shade of the beautiful lime trees you can indulge yourself at stalls full of antique furniture, objects, crockery, jewellery, details, prints and books. The interest in a cozy stall full of old picture postcards, sorted by interest and in beautiful boxes, is always remarkable. Hear the organ play old Dutch songs. Spot a tin box from 1890 from the Haagse Hopjes, or discover an old painting that can be sold for a special price. Bookworms can also indulge themselves here at the dozens of book stalls.

The antique and book market can be found on the Lange Voorhout on Thursday and Sunday during the summer months. During the winter season the market is only there on Thursdays and then you will find the market on the Plein. 

Haagse Antiek- en Boekenmarkt
Haagse Antiek- en Boekenmarkt
Enjoy countless stalls full of antiques, books and curiosities.

Dates and Times

2 May 22 September
10:00 – 18:00
10:00 – 18:00
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