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Hofkwartier Wintermarket

Struin over de Hofkwartier Wintermarkt
City center
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On Sunday 11th of December, the friendly and nostalgic Hofkwartier Wintermarket will take place again in the Hofkwartier of The Hague.

In December, the Hofkwartier is the ideal setting to do your Christmas shopping. Especially during the nostalgic Winter Market (formerly Dickens Market) on Sunday 11th of December. While you stroll past the cozy stalls in the winter landscape with mulled wine, craftsmen of yesteryear give demonstrations and a choir or musician is waiting on the corner of almost every street to play classic Christmas carols. Old fashioned heartwarming.

Hofkwartier Wintermarkt
Hofkwartier Wintermarkt

Dates and Times

Sunday 11 December
11:00 - 17:00
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