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Mosselfeest in de Piet Heinstraat in Den Haag
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The “r” is back in the month, so time for mussels! And what tastes good with mussels..!? … Exactly beer! So hence an Oktoberfest touch.

On this day in Piet Heinstraat, mussels & beer are available at all catering establishments, prepared according to a wide variety of recipes. Enjoy these delicacies while enjoying a delicious craft beer, with pleasant DJs. From vintage, vinyl and antiques to homemade products and special gadgets. Everything sustainable and local!

Mosselfeest in het Zeeheldenkwartier
Mosselfeest in het Zeeheldenkwartier

Dates and Times

Sunday 15 September
11:00 - 18:00
Piet Heinstraat
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