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Fishermen Memorial

Strandweg 12, 2586 JW Den Haag
Scheveningen and fishery are inseparably connected. It brought great wealth as well as sorrow. This Scheveningen monument was raised to commemorate all Scheveningen fishermen who have not returned from their work at sea. It states all known names of the fishermen who failed to return over the past two centuries.

The Fishermen’s Memorial consists of 21 plates of black granite mounted to the wall of the Scheveningen boulevard, spanning a length of around 25 meters. The plates list chronologically the first and last names and age of the Scheveningen fishermen who have not returned. The first plate provides an introduction to the monument and the final plate carries the emblem of Scheveningen. Horizontally all across the columns with names, the following connecting background creed spans the entire monument: not returned from sea.