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Frederikstraat, 2514 LN The Hague
Opening hours
Always open

Frederikstraat is a continuation of the well-known Denneweg in the centre of The Hague. The shopping street perfectly suits Denneweg's air of luxury. The street attracts visitors from the city and beyond thanks to its practical location on the outskirts of the old city centre. Frederikstraat offers a wide range of different boutiques in beautiful, old gabled premises. Here you will find hotspots with class and character, from delicatessens to design stores, and from small speciality stores and intimate lunchrooms.

Historic and trendy
The shopping street is trendy, but also has a rich history. Seasoned shoppers from The Hague have been coming here for many years. The colourful side streets, attractive cafes and exceptional shops give Frederikstraat its classy and welcoming ambience. There are still plenty of features that bear testament to the neighbourhood's past. The area used to consist of many almshouses (in Dutch: hofjes) that were typical of The Hague, and some of which are still standing, like the Javalaantje, the Rijkeluishofje and the Hofje van Lammers.

Frederikstraat has a wide range of speciality stores for lifestyle, design, art, antiques, fashion and beauty products. Such variety means that the street appeals to a wide range of shoppers. A few speciality stores are particularly worth a visit:

  • Blanc d'Ivoire: furniture and accessories from France
  • Espressimo: good espresso machines and high-quality coffee 
  • Haagse Boekerij: a real old-fashioned bookshop
  • Reinhard Frans: stylish, handmade men's shoes at affordable prices
  • Van Peet: funky, edgy, feminine clothing
  • Zwanger en Co: the largest collection of maternity clothing in the Netherlands

Food & Drink
Finished shopping? Frederikstraat has a remarkable number of restaurants, cafes and snack bars. The atmospheric bars, restaurants and cafés have a typically intimate character, predominantly organic menus and great terraces. Our recommendations:


  • Andermanskeuken: small lunchroom with a modern atmosphere and sunny terrace
  • Boosty: the healthy alternative to fast-food
  • Dikke Mik: delicious filled sandwiches, croissants and baguettes
  • Foam: vegan hotspot serving organic and vegetable-based products for breakfast and lunch
  • Toko Frederik: a household name in the Hague for over 30 years

Frederikstraat is located in Willemspark, which was a private park for the Dutch royal family in approximately 1855. King William III was forced to sell the park to the city of The Hague, due to the debts accrued by King William II. The park was sold on the condition that villas would be built there, and absolutely no housing blocks. And indeed, no blocks have ever been built there. Nowadays, most of the villas in Willemspark no longer serve as residential housing, but are used for embassies, such as the Italian, Canadian, Danish and Polish embassies. At the centre of the neighbourhood is Plein 1813, with its a large monument commemorating the founding of the Kingdom of the Netherlands following the Dutch victory over Napoleon The beautiful row of gables on the west side of Frederikstraat, most of which are still in their original state, also originate from this era of independence.

Insider's tip
On the corner of Javastraat, near Frederikstraat, is the Louis Couperus Museum. This homely museum focuses on the life and work of the well-known Hague writer Louis Couperus. Exhibits include objects from Couperus's personal life and property.

How to get there
Frederikstraat is easy to get to from Den Haag Centraal Station by taking tram 9 in the direction of Scheveningen strand (beach). The best place to get out is at Dr. Kuyperstraat. Frederikstraat is just four minutes' walk from here. There is limited parking space in the shopping street. The Malieveld and Tournooiveld car parks offer adequate parking spaces and are located eight and five minutes' walk respectively from Frederikstraat.


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