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Jewish Children’s Monument

Rabbijn Maarsenplein, 2512 HJ The Hague

The Jewish Children’s Monument is located at Rabbijn Maarsenplein and was placed on the schoolyard of the former Jewish primary school at the Bezemstraat. The monument has the shaped of six stairs or ladders, which also resemble stacked chairs. Chairs that are no longer being used because the Jewish children are gone. All the chairs have different heights. The idea behind the design is that you use the stairs or ladder of chairs to climb up to heaven, where the Jewish children are.

The first names of 400 perished children and their ages were written on the chairs. The Children’s Monument is surrounded by a metal ring with a text engraved in both Dutch and Hebrew. The Dutch text says: ‘Gone is the Jewish quarter. Gone are the children. Deported and murdered in World War II. Because they were Jewish. Around 1700 Jewish children from The Hague never returned. Many of them used to play here. Went to school here. Let us not forget and ensure nothing like this ever happens again’.

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