Kijkduin - A taste of freedom

On the edge of a wide stretch of dunes, you will find The Hague's second most popular beach resort Kijkduin. Hike or bike the dunes, swim the North Sea, or climb up to the impressive landscape art piece "Celestial Vault". Take in the view and enjoy a coffee, beer or glass of wine at one of the terraces along the boulevard.

Food and drinks

Family resort Kijkduin provides ample opportunities for dining out throughout the entire year. From March to October the beach is filled with lovely beach clubs and in the winter months there is plenty of choice on the boulevard at Kijkduin.

Overnight stays

Kijkduin is The Hague's loveliest seaside resort for a brief escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Stay in the hotel on the boulevard, which looks out over the North Sea and dunes. If you (and your family) would prefer your own bungalow, then opt for the holiday village immediately behind the dunes. And those who want to sleep right next to the sea can hire a holiday house on the beach.