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Grote Marktstraat 14, The Hague

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Monday 11:00 - 01:00
Tuesday 11:00 - 01:00
Wednesday 11:00 - 04:00
Thursday 11:00 - 04:00
Friday 11:00 - 04:00
Saturday 11:00 - 04:00
Sunday 11:00 - 04:00



Google Reviews

  • AstroChompski

    A lovely old and warm setting, on the inside. Lots of choices in beer -- but a little too expensive for my taste. It's easy to spend €50 drinking with a friend. Overnight, the bar turns into a dance hall, attracting lots of younger people (aged 18-30)

    2 weeks ago
  • Anisah Bemath

    We were in the club for about twenty minutes before somebody lifted up my friend's dress and pinched her bum. When she told the bouncer, who then asked her to point him out, he found the guy and we thought he would get kicked out. Instead, the bouncer waited until we weren't watching, laughed with him and allowed him back in the club. My friends and I were then kicked out on a count of 'causing a fuss' and were made to feel like it was our fault. Wouldn't recommend going here if you care about your safety

    a week ago
  • Rick Muras

    A very authentic bar, due to them brewing their own beer, you however smell a certain yeast-smell at first, but you get used to it. The interior is really nice, their own beer tasty. Additionally the food is really good and the personnel super friendly.

    2 months ago
  • Pure Hague

    Great place in the city centre to have a meal and afterwords maybe a little dance. The restaurant is located in an old carriage house and has a large terrace. They have a wide variety of beers to choose from and the wine is also good. With every course they advise which beer tastes best with the course. We had dinner here with a group and the service was great! Everybody enjoyed their meal and all the different kinds of beers. In the weekends you can also dance off your meal in the cafe/club.

    6 months ago
  • Manolo García

    tl;dr: Don't come here to eat, come here to have drinks. Long version: we were 6 people and almost everyone got something worth telling: - One of us is muslim and he ordered a hamburger without bacon. He got it with bacon and when he complained they took it away and brought it a couple of minutes after that (probably the same hamburger). That wasn't that bad because when they brought it back they let it fall to the ground just in front of the table. The next one took a little bit of more time so probably was a new one. - Another one was pregnant and she ordered the cooked salmon with vegetables have something cooked (because pregnant ladies should not eat uncooked meat). They brought a piece of salmon which was not that much done so she also had to wait a little bit more for her food. About the vegetableS... there were 2 pieces of cabbage and that's all. It was a good piece of salmon, but maybe 19.50€ was way too expensive. - Another one ordered a Caesar salad which costed 9.5€ and was basically big lettuce and tomato pieces with A LOT of chicken and bacon. Caesar dressing? Not there. Any kind of dressing? Also not there. Way top much money for a bowl of huge pieces. She was hungry after that. The beer was great. They have a lot of different ones from the Netherlands and Belgium. The beer menu is huge (200-300 beers) and they have around 10 beers from tap. They also have a cider menu with around 10-15 ciders.

    a month ago

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