Palace Garden

Prinsessewal, The Hague

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Google Reviews

  • Kasper van Steveninck

    Best place ever. Very nice energy. Just keep the park clean after you leave and be gentle for the grass :)

    4 weeks ago
  • Alexander Irwin

    Great for a walk, picnic or small sports in the summer. We come here often because it is also not too busy. Also a great place to pass through when walking to a destination in the centre.

    a month ago
  • Adam van der Kruk

    Lovely place to sit and relax with the kids.. should bring food and snacks, make sure the weather is to your liking as well ;)

    2 weeks ago
  • Donagh Corcoran

    It's a nice place. I was expecting it to be a lot bigger. As far as parks go it's worth a visit but don't be expecting anything like the Alhambra gardens in Granada.

    2 months ago
  • Liz

    Beautiful, nice and relaxing garden / park. Lovely to take a breather on a nice day or have a little picknick.

    a month ago

Palace Garden is part of the route 'A Royal Walk'

The Hague and the House of Orange, go hand in hand. And it's been that way for more than four hundre...

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