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Parks and forest

Parks and forest

Want to unwind and relax in green surroundings during your city break? Then The Hague is the place to be. Besides being a city by the sea with 11 kilometres of coast within reach, The Hague is also a very green city. The greenest in the Netherlands, in fact. The city has more trees than inhabitants! Read about all the parks and forests in The Hague here.
'The combination of city, beach and greenery means you always have a holiday feeling in The Hague!'

Green and the city

The greenest city in Europe? That must be The Hague! With more than 111,000 hectares of dune areas, parks and country estates, the city offers all the space you need to enjoy freedom and nature.

Enjoy a picnic or bbq in one of the gardens or parks. Discover hidden gems such as the Palace Garden and Park Sorghvliet. Unwind at Clingendael Estate; one of the most beautiful estates in the Netherlands where you can admire the Japanese Garden twice a year. And did you know that the Hague forest, in which Huis Ten Bosch palace (residential palace of the royal family) is located, is one of the oldest forests in the Netherlands?

This is the garden of the Noordeinde palace; the backyard of the King's working palace. You can picnic in here! How special is that?

Going green and eating green

Spending time in greenery makes you hungry. Especially if you also do something active there. The various parks in The Hague offer activities and have lovely restaurants with vegetable gardens where the ingredients for the dishes grow. Straight from the garden onto your plate, it doesn't get any fresher!

Ockenburg Estate | Monsterseweg
Do you love walking and the diversity of nature? Then Ockenburg is the place for you; a protected nature reserve where you can simply walk. And for free too! This park is home to the hyacinth forest. In spring, this piece of nature turns a beautiful purple landscape.

Golfers enjoy a challenging nature course here. And non-golfers enjoy the brasserie!
Don't skip villa Ock. If only for the beautiful interior or have a drink in the cosy greenhouse after your walk. Both the villa and the greenhouse have dishes with ingredients from the garden on the menu. For the little ones, the estate has the 'gnome route'.

Zuiderpark | Mr P D Fortuynweg
South Park (Zuiderpark) is a huge area to the south of the city centre since 1936. For many locals the Zuiderpark is a great place to play football, skate, barbecue (there are even special BBQ spots) or just relax in the grass. For the little ones, there is a petting zoo and a little steam train runs in summer.
At restaurant Parkoers in the middle of the park, you will find sustainability and social importance, along with a variety of other delicious dishes, on the menu. 

There is a tree garden with trees and shrubs from all over the world, a flower garden with a beautiful collection of flowering perennials. And a herb garden with a variety of herbs that you are even allowed to pick.

Bovenaanzicht Zuiderpark Den Haag
Fly along over the Zuiderpark!

Westbroekpark | Kapelweg 35
This beautiful park is close to Scheveningen. Every year, a rose competition takes place here when the roses in the rosary bloom. You've never seen so many beautiful colours together!

At Theeschenkerij Waterkant, you can enjoy delicious food and drinks in summer or hire a rowing boat and discover the beautiful Westbroekpark in a sustainable way. 
Also in the park you will find Greens; a restaurant with its own vegetable garden where you 'eat what the ground provides'. With a lovely garden to hang out in for hours.

Greens in the Park - bord eten
Theesalon de Waterkant
Enjoy a 'green' lunch at Greens or explore Westbroekpark while rowing.
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