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Loosduinse Hoofdstraat, 2552 AM The Hague
Loosduins Museum De Korenschuur

Boasting over 90 stores, Loosduinen shopping centre is the perfect place to enjoy shopping. This modern shopping centre is a stone's throw away from the resort of Kijkduin and is the lifeblood of the Loosduinen district of The Hague. In addition to the attractive products sold by the numerous speciality shops around the main square Loosduinse Hoofdplein, the weekly market on Wednesday is a nice addition. In short: the fabulous products and relaxed atmosphere make Loosduinen the perfect meeting place for anyone who loves shopping, both young and old.

Loosduinen Shopping Centre
With nearly 100 stores, Loosduinen shopping centre offers a great mix for shopping pleasure in the neighbourhood of beach resort Kijkduin. Examples include a sweet chocolatier, artisan bakery, a game shop and various fashion stores in the area around Loosduinse Hoofdplein. Every Wednesday, there is a market in Loosduinse Hoofdstraat. The market is packed with vegetable and fruit stalls for daily groceries, and you can also come here for colourful stalls bursting with great souvenirs and other products. Experience a real market feeling here. There are some lovely stores around Loosduinse Hoofdplein, including

  • Bloembinderij Duinroos: for all your flowers and plants
  • Boekhandel Kroon: for all your books, magazines and office supplies
  • De Kaasspecialist Loosduinen: the most delicious and exceptional cheeses
  • Max 15 Mode: clothing for a maximum of 15 euros 
  • GotYa: the most awesome fashion store in Loosduinen

During holidays and other special occasions, Loosduinen often organizes fun events for young and old. For example, Christmas and Sinterklaas is celebrated every year in the shopping area. There are also a number of festivals, including Het Geluid van Loosduinen.

Haags Pop Centrum
Haags Pop Centrum, based in a former school in Loosduinen, is the definitive organization for pop music in The Hague. HPC offers musicians rehearsal rooms, gives coaching and advice, sets up music projects and organizes festivals with young Hague bands. Moreover, the HPC Café hosts weekly live performances by talented pop musicians. All concerts are free of charge, unless indicated otherwise.

Loosduins Museum De Korenschuur
Loosduin Museum De Korenschuur brings the history of the former market gardening village of Loosduinen into focus. The museum is located beside De Korenaer corn mill. Situated next to the canal were the miller's house and De Korenschuur, built in 1895 as a grain store. In 1982, De Korenschuur was restored to house the Loosduins Museum in 1983.

Abbey Church
The Abbey Church is a Protestant church in Loosduinen in The Hague. The church is the oldest building in The Hague, and is even older than the Knights' Hall that was built in the same style. The Abbey Church was built between 1238 and 1250 by the wife of Dutch Count Floris IV in a transition style from Roman to Gothic. During the summer months, the church is open for viewing on Sundays. Organ recitals are also held, as well as organ tours. The organ is the centrepiece of the church and is certainly worth a visit.

Onze Lieve Vrouw Hemelvaartkerk
The Onze Lieve Vrouw Hemelvaartkerk is a Roman Catholic church in Loosduinen in The Hague. With regard to the history of architecture, the church is a significant example of Neo-Gothic style. It is the only church building in the municipality of The Hague designed by Eduard J. Margry. The church derives its art historical value to the stations of the cross and decorative paintings by Dunselman, the Neo-Gothic stained glass windows and the Maarschalkerweerd organ. From an urban design perspective, the high towers of the church make it significant as a striking landmark on the edge of the old village centre of Loosduinen. In addition to church services, concerts are also held regularly in the church.

History of Loosduinen
Loosduinen was originally a market gardening village with a Westland culture. It was even known as the capital of Westland. The fertile ground resulted in rich harvests, and carrots grew particularly well in the soil. It was partly for this reason that the inhabitants of Loosduinen were nicknamed "carrot bellies" ("Peenbuikers").
In 1923, Loosduinen became part of The Hague. The takeover was of benefit to The Hague at the time. Loosduinen had insufficient funds to build a sewer system and The Hague needed ground urgently. The city acquired Loosduinen in exchange for constructing the sewer system. The inhabitants of Loosduinen consider Loosduinen as an independent town with its own identity. This is also visible from the white signs that are found everywhere in Loosduinen.

Loosduinen is easiest to reach from Station Den Haag Centraal by taking tram 2 (towards Kraayenstein) or tram 3 (towards Loosduinen). Get off at the Loosduinse Hoofdstraat or Arnold Spoelplein stops respectively, which are a five-minute walk from the main square or Loosduinse Hoofdplein. If travelling to Loosduinen by car, follow the signs for Kijkduin beach that is located two kilometres away. Parking in Loosduinen is mostly free.

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