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Paulus Potter´s house

Dunne Bierkade 17, 2512 BC The Hague
Museum genre

Paulus Potter lived here with his wife. He rented the house from painter Jan van Goyen.

In 1649, Potter rented a house in The Hague from painter Jan van Goyen and registered with the local guild of painters. For several years, he lived next to Jan van Goyen in a studio at Dunne Bierkade 17. Potter's most famous painting is “The Bull” from 1647. The landscape in the painting is the view from his home on Dunne Bierkade. This 2.35 x 3.40-metre painting was first exhibited in the Prince Willem V Gallery at the Buitenhof in The Hague. In 1795, Napoleon took Willem V's collection to Paris and "The Bull" was displayed in the Louvre. After the fall of Napoleon, the collection was recovered by horse and carriage and hung in the Mauritshuis. This Dutch master from the Golden Age only lived until the age of 28. Around a hundred of his works have been preserved. Nowadays, it is home to the Buitenmuseum.

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