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ProDemos – House for democracy and the rule of law

Hofweg 1, 2511 AA The Hague
Familierondleiding Tweede Kamer - ProDemos in Den Haag
09:30 - 17:00
09:30 – 17:00
09:30 – 17:00
09:30 – 17:00
09:30 – 17:00
09:30 – 17:00
09:30 – 17:00
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Company outing, Family outing, Team outing, Friends outing
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Guided tour
070 757 0200

ProDemos - House for Democracy and the Rule of Law in The Hague informs citizens about the democratic rule of law and encourages them to play an active role in it. ProDemos' visitor centre is located on the Hofweg opposite the Binnenhof (Inner Court). 

ProDemos organises various activities, such as tours of the Senate and the House of Representatives and a city walk through political The Hague. Learn all about democracy and the rule of law at ProDemos and experience politics The Hague up close!

Guided tours of Political The Hague

In The Hague, ProDemos' visitors' centre offers English-spoken guided tours. Explore the Dutch House of Representatives and get to know the Dutch political system. Learn about the history of the House and the current renovation of the ‘Binnenhof’, the medieval complex of parliament buildings.

The guide will show you around the temporary home of the Dutch House of Representatives and will elaborate on how the House of Representatives work, explain the Dutch political system and show the architectural highlights of this relatively new building. You will hear why some of the seats in the Dutch House of Representatives do have a coat of arms on them and others don’t. Historical and current stories will give you an impression of political life in The Hague. During the tour you can ask everything you want to know.

Due to the renovation of the Binnenhof, the Dutch House of Representatives has moved to a temporary location on Bezuidenhoutseweg (near Den Haag Central station).

More info about guided tour Dutch House of Representatives


ProDemos in The Hague shows how Dutch democracy works and what the rule of law means. Apart from guided tours, ProDemos also organises other activities. These include debates, simulations, exhibitions, guest lectures, teaching materials, research, participation programmes, courses and training sessions.

The ProDemos Visitors' Centre also welcomes tens of thousands of pupils of all educational levels, students and members of political organisations every year. At ProDemos, you experience how politics, democracy and the rule of law work and are explained how, for example, you can become a municipal councillor, what the province is about or how a court case proceeds. Fun and interesting for both young and old!

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Familierondleiding Tweede Kamer - ProDemos in Den Haag
Familierondleiding Eerste Kamer - ProDemos Den Haag
Familierondleiding Tweede Kamer - ProDemos in Den Haag
Discover politics in The Hague with ProDemos! 
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