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Little Green Shop Zeeheldenkwartier Bar & Zo

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Vintage, second-hand and locally made products. With these you are always original and contribute to a better world! There are numerous vintage and second-hand stores in The Hague where you can find the most beautiful treasures with a story. Here is a top 10 of sustainable, vintage and second-hand stores.


  • Little Green Shop
    LittleGreen Shop is a mini warehouse filled with vintage stuff! Unique plants and products from local designers from The Hague. (see banner)
  • Design Room
    Design Room a beautiful minimalistic store specialized in English and Scandinavian furniture and other objects from the ‘50s and ‘60s.
  • Emmaus
    Secondhand is what the label on the door says: pottery, books, clothing, electronics, furniture and antiques. Located in a prestigious building in the Prinsegracht. It’s more than just secondhand: Emmaus returns something with value to the people and items.
  • Reshare Store:
    The ReShare Store is a secondhand clothing store owned by the Leger des Heils (an organization that helps everyone in need). They really care about re-sharing. Got clothes that you don’t wear anymore? Make someone else happy and donate them! It also benefits the environment: less clothing means less manufacturing. Their store located at the Paviljoensgracht looks very trendy.
  • The Chocolate Shop:
    The Chocolate Shop sells organic and fairtrade chocolate, delicious and good for the environment!
Discover vintage stores by yourself? Click here for a free stroll route!
Chocolateshop Den Haag Duurzaam DH Lokaal Shoppen
Haagse Hopjes truffles from The Chocolate Shop
  • WWen
    WWen stands for the Winkel of Wen. She is kind, filled with compassion, enthusiasm, open mindedness and creativity. WWen has a quite the assortment and cares about people, animals and nature. 
  • De Huishoudwinkel
    At this store you can find nice sustainable items for the household. You can compare it to a Blokker, but its trendier and has organic products without plastics or other bad chemicals.
  • Michael Barnaart
    You can design your own Mondriaan dress at this designer store located in The Hague. The dress will be made with sustainable materials.
  • SprinkelHop
    Sprinkel & Hop (located in the cozy Weimarstraat) sells vintage furniture and accesoires for your home. Beautiful items that deserve a second, or even third chance!
  • Ilka's Vintage
    You can find this cute and surprising store in the Archipelbuurt. It sells secondhand clothing pieces. The items are picked with care, there even is a separate section with designer brands. (see picture)
  • WNKL
    A store where you can walk and wonder around in forever. It’s filled with inspiration and surprises, but also with fairtrade and sustainable products. That is what WNKL cares about.
Ilka's Fashion Duurzaam Vintage Lokaal Shoppen
Wwen Prinsestraat Den Haag Duurzaam
Ilka's Fashion in the Archipelbuurt en WWen in the Prinsestraat

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