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The Zeeheldentheater

Trompstraat 342, 2518 BT The Hague
070 399 2222

The Zeeheldentheater is located in the Mesdag area and was built in 1898 as a double mansion consisting of a passage for horses with carriages on the ground floor to the grounds behind. Between 1960 and 1990 contractor Snoeck was taken on for the building and there were various offices, workshops and ten parking spaces. In 1990 the property was purchased by dancer Yvette Olof and musician Jan Erik Noske with the aim of creating rehearsal spaces for their music and dance group Pandora. Various rooms and studios have been built in the context of "Building youth for young people", luckily having the support of the Municipality of The Hague. The grounds behind it were excavated over a meter to maintain the height in combination with the right insulation. Gradually, the main hall was converted into a theatre hall with a stand from Fonds 1818, which was opened in 2002 by the Mayor at that time better known as Deetman in the Zeeheldentheater.

The Zeeheldentheater is a sustainable theatre, not only due to its technical facilities such as LED lighting, double glazing, eco-grass roofs, heat recovery systems, sensors, automatic cranes, but also by stimulating a work floor with a various composition of employees and volunteers, from all walks of life. In addition, larger series of performances can take place here and there is a listening ear for new initiatives from, for example, the district, the city and the whole of The Hague (sustainable programming for a broad layer of the population).  

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