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Rode trap sierkrullen neo-Hollandse renaissaincestijl tweede kamer monument

Hidden Gems - Handelingenkamer

Every city has them. Places where you might have heard or seen something about, but somewhere you might not tend to go to as first point of call for various reasons. We would like to give you a look at this together with our photographer. Simply because they are more than worth viewing!

The Old Library 'Handelingenkamer'

The function.

The interior of the building complex of the House of Representatives used to house the Ministry of Justice, also known as the Ministry of Justice. The striking red former library, better known at this time as the Handelingenkamer, is very popular with a wide audience. Here are rows of bound books with written verbatim reports (in Dutch 'Handelingen') since 1847 and bound per session year. Where in the past a session year covered one bookbinding, this can amount to as many as 110 bookbinders per session year. The actions are provided by the Reports and Editing Department (before 1 May 2004 by the Stenography Department). They carefully collect the verbatim texts of debates, for example, but also votes on bills and motions.

Handelingenkamer handelingen boeken ingebonden boekenplanken verdiepingen rood trap gietijzer trap reling
Volumes of these verbatim reports (Handelingen) are stored in the library of what was the Department of Justice until the late 1970s.
Handelingenkamer handelingen boeken oud ingebonden boekenplank
Handelingenkamer handelingen boeken ingebonden boekenplank
Here are rows of bound books with written verbatim reports (in Dutch 'Handelingen') since 1847 and bound per session year.
"The place where the books of 1940-1945 should have been has been intentionally left empty, as a visible reminder that parliament did not meet during the occupation years."
-House of Representatives-

The well-known red interior of the Handelingenkamer

The Handelingenkamer in the House of Representatives can call itself one of the most beautiful libraries in the Netherlands. The former Justice Building was designed in 1876 by the architect Cornelis Hendrik Peters. The characteristic red library in neo-Dutch Renaissance style has many Chinese influences: handles in the shape of dragon claws, the scales in the roof dome and the dragon heads on the railings. Characteristic is the elegant green with red interior and striking cast iron balustrades and spiral staircases. In addition, the space has a striking stained glass roof, which provides a special incidence of light.

Heritage Day The Hague about the former Department of Justice (only Dutch)
Handelingenkamer met balustrades en boekenplanken
The library is 13.5 meters long, 6 meters wide and 9 meters high. There is room for no less than 30,000 books!

A visit to the Old Library 'Handelingenkamer'

A visit to the Handelingenkamer is possible. Special visiting days are organized every year for the public to view this monument. Think of Heritage Day or Architecture Day. Because the monument is very popular with a wide audience and there is strict access control, it is quickly busy. We recommend taking into account a queue and checking whether it is necessary to pre-register for a time slot.

At the moment nothing is known about the continuation of events in 2021.

Voormalig Departement van Justitie op het Plein
The building exterior of the former Ministry of Justice.
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