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Street Art Den Haag

Street Art spotting in The Hague


In The Hague you can no longer ignore street art! Besides London and Paris, our city is really the place to be to discover the most beautiful murals. Over the years, many murals have been added throughout the city that have been commissioned. On foot or by bicycle and (shared) scooter, you will literally be amazed!

The Hague Street Art and graffiti
Street art artists aim to brighten up the city with murals. Graffiti has the difference that it consists more of ' graffiti  name tags ' and slogans. What they have in common is the use of paints and aerosols and a message in creative designs. It is difficult for street artists to find places for their creations. Platform The Hague Street Art is committed to street artists to be able to show their work in a legal way. They hope to give street art a positive image by means of workshops, tours and team outings . And that works! The combination of the artworks, pride of The Hague and public accessibility has ensured that street art is popular in our city for visitors and street artists. The nice thing is that there are always new and temporary projects on display. 

We would like to keep you informed when there is a new Street Art project to admire. Keep a close eye on our Facebook or Instagram This Is The Hague !

Street Art not only outside!
More and more famous hotspots in The Hague are equipped with a beautiful street art work of art in their interiors, such as Bleyenberg , Teleport hotel or O'Caseys and Restaurant Milú .

Street Art The Hague on map and route
On the Street Art The Hague site you can find a handy  map  with which works of art can be found where with a short description. In the map you can also select a route with certain artists or whether you want to do a distance by bike or on foot.

Plattegrond The Hague Street Art
The Hague Street Art map

Street art hotspot Binckhorst
Experience the urban feeling here! The industrial atmosphere and the buildings in the Binckhorst are inspiring canvases for many street art artists. Make an urban discovery route through the Binckhorst and combine this with a beer from The Hague at Kompaan or coffee at Capriole Café . Experience the Binckhorst , there are many creative entrepreneurs with fun or cool activities with a raw edge that fits in with the atmosphere of the Binckhorst.

Legal graffiti locations The Hague

In The Hague you can legally spray graffiti in three designated places. Special waste bins for aerosol cans have also been placed (always check the current reporting by the Municipality of The Hague and instructions on the signs):

  • Binckhorstlaan 36 (Laak district)
  • mr. P. Droogleever Fortuynweg Zuiderpark (Escamp district)
  • Mient 277 (Segbroek district)
Tunnel Binckhorst met legale graffiti
Legale Graffiti in de Binckhorst tunnel

The Kattensteeg is a real hotspot in the Achterom, a side street between the Kettingstraat and  the Passage .

Also discover the mischief on the facade of Achterom

Temporary street art in The Hague

Temporary open-air exhibitions are of course also part of the culture of street art. On construction fences or buildings that are being demolished and in places that are part of an event or special occasion. That's why below works of art you can't miss before they're gone!

  • Building facade for the Provincial House
    On the construction fence around the Provincial House, 18 street art artists from The Hague and the surrounding area have collaborated on an 'Ode to The Hague' under the direction of artist Patrick Goos van Artdrenaline.
  • Mauritshuis - Spring / Summer 2022
    In collaboration with The Hague Street Art, the walls of the Mauritshuis are 'broken open' and the art is released. Five phenomenal street artists, including Nina Valkhoff, Julien de Casabianca, Super A and Collin van der Sluijs, are inspired by the paintings from the collection and use them to create life-size murals. These paintings can be seen day and night on various walls in The Hague.
  • The building De Bazart/Verenging De Vinger - Current vacancy
    Many hearts of residents and residents of The Hague beat faster at this building. Now an empty building, but back in time a nightlife for the wildest evenings. After De Bazart was taken over by Vereniging de Vinger, the purple facade was given a new, creative exterior. The building is now empty, the works of art can still be seen. Be quick before the building is demolished!
De Vinger graffiti kunst
Kunstwerken op de gevel van voormalige uitgaansgelegenheid Bazart/ De Vinger

Electricity houses
The electricity houses in The Hague are almost a household name in the streets, stone buildings that could often use a facelift. With a hint to the neighbourhood, you can now find entire stories in the most colorful or moving Hague versions. Think of Van Kooten en de Bie in the Valkenboskwartier, Mariska Veres, the singer of Shocking Blue in the Zeeheldenkwartier, but also a cheerful Pauw and Peoenroos on the Pioenweg Vruchtenbuurt.

Artwork op Haags electriciteitshuisje decoratie Station Valkenboslaan Van Kooten en de Bie
Street Art uitdrukking Goed kauwen Van Kooten en de Bie
Artwork by Richard Sluijs (Richlab)
Artwork blauwe Pauw op Haags Electriciteitshuisje
Artwork blauw en roze Pioenroos op Haags Electriciteitshuisje
Artwork by Jochem Cats (WeAreCats.nl)
Artwork Zeeheldenkwartier Den Haag met Mariska Veres op Electriciteitshuisje
Artwork by Roelof Schierbeek
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