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The Hague Pop City


A city full of talent

The Hague is the pop city of the Netherlands. Music city number 1 for years! Think; Golden Earring, Anouk, Di-Rect or Son Mieux and you know enough right? Everyone in the Netherlands and far beyond knows these big names. The Hague is still a vibrant cradle for new music talent. The many practice rooms and pop stages are busy with all kinds of bands, singers and vocalists. Time to give a few (emerging) artists and their music a digital stage. A random selection from a city full of talent. And also check out the places where you can spot these talents so that soon you can say you saw them before they were famous!


Goldband makes electronic pop music. They themselves describe their music as a mix of Prince and André Rieux. Their live shows are not to be missed! Goldband won the prize for Best Group at the 3FM awards and was awarded the prize for Best Album with the record Affordable Romance. Even watching back from Lowlands performance will give you instant goosebumps.


The creative Yellofox makes folk pop. Dreamy and melancholic through the enchanting cello then tough again through an electric guitar solo. Yellofox is going well. Very well! They are playing at almost every hipster festival in the country this summer and played The Life I Live flat. And if all that is not enough, their music video 'Seasons' won Best Pop Music Video at the International Music Video Awards!

Ava Nova

Ava Nova is a young singer from The Hague. Not only does she have a great voice, she also writes her own songs. Her music is described as 'dreamy synthpop', poppy but unpolished. Go and experience it for yourself and enjoy this talent!

Tommy Brown

Charismatic, creative, a musical multi-talent, he is Tommy Brown! This engaging singer enchants entire halls with his singing and charm. He is rock 'n roll and love, peace and happiness at the same time. A performance by Tommy and his great band is an evening of tasty melancholic music and musical theatre.

Tess Merlot

D'accord; Tess Merlot is not entirely unknown but what a talent. And from The Hague, too. Tess sings French chansons by such artists as Piaf, Brell and Aznavour as well as her own songs. She has quite a few performances to her name in various venues and TV programmes. Whether she sings solo, with her band les Moutons or with a big band; it is always a petit party. But what do you want with such a tasty name!

Prince S en De Geit

Where else but in royal The Hague can you find a band called Prins S and De Geit? This prince turned the whole festival upside down last Noorderslag with his electronic dance music. The band is hard to describe; distinctive, cult and absurdist. But hey, what matters is the music and it is more than ok! What a talent! For sure you will not be able to stand still to their cheerful, uplifting tunes.


ARCH is a new, very young band from The Hague. Four students at the Herman Brood Academy joined their talented forces and started ARCH. Their first single 'Lost' has just been released and promises a lot.


The Hague music venues

There are so many music venues in The Hague where you can enjoy new music.

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