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Music venues

Music venues

For live music is The Hague the place to be! In addition to festivals and other music activities, The Pop City of the Netherlands also offers a variety of music stages. Listen to performances at pop venue Het Paard or enjoy bands in one of the many music cafés in The Hague. Also the special ambiance of churches or The Hague living rooms gives it its own intimate atmosphere. There are also regular concerts on the beach and there are regular concerts and shows on the Malieveld.

Music in The Hague

There is always music in a city of over 550,000 inhabitants. If you are looking for pop music, PAARD is the place. The adjacent Paardcafé often hosts concerts by up-and-coming talent. For years, Musicon has been the place where musicians and music lovers meet during jam sessions or performances of all kinds. De Zwarte Ruiter is the place for rock 'n roll music. Various theme parties such as Halloween, Oktoberfest and St.Patrick's Day are celebrated on the Grote Markt! This cosy square is a place where musicians love to meet. So don't be surprised if a musical BN'er passes you here!

'Looking for music venues in The Hague? Follow your ears!'

Jazz in The Hague

Do you like jazz? The Koorenhuis regularly hosts concerts by ProJazz. In Murphy's Law, the students of the Royal Conservatoire may go wild. High-quality concerts in the ambiance of a beer pub. Café Le Duc on Het Noordeinde, Gekke Geit and September are also well-known spots among jazz fans.

Listen to new and classical music in The Hague

More classically inclined? Or do you like to discover new music? In the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church), you will often hear pieces by Bach, Beethoven, Mahler, Schoenberg and Padding. By architect Cees Spanjers, an acoustic adaptation has been made so that the church hall has perfect acoustics for chamber music (a glass hall principle). Cultural centre Amare on the Spui is home to The Residentie Orchestra. And the Lutherse Kerk regularly hosts concerts on the famous Bätz organ.

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