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Tourist Tram The Hague

Centrum, 2511 BL The Hague
Tourist Tram
Opening hours
Open now
10:15 - 17:45
10:15 – 17:45
10:15 – 17:45
The Tourist Tram runs on Saturdays and Sundays from July 18th to November 29th 2020. Ïn August 2020 the Tourist Tram runs from Wednesday to Sunday.
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Tourist Tram
Tourist Tram

The Tourist Tram is a unique Hop-on Hop-off connection in The Hague between city and beach with original, historic The Hague trams. During the tour along the many tourist attractions and sights you will learn everything about The Hague via an audio tour. With a ticket you can get on and off unlimited during the route.

The Tourist Tram runs between the city center of The Hague and the beach of Scheveningen. The tram starts right in the center of The Hague at the Centrum stop (postal code 2511 BL Den Haag) and after a tour through the city center it runs past the Peace Palace to the Kurhaus and Scheveningen. On the way back, the tram takes the route via Westbroekpark, Madurodam and Malieveld back to the center. During the route, the tram passes many tourist attractions and sights, such as Museum Escher in Het Paleis, Binnenhof, Mauritskade, the Peace Palace, Kunstmuseum Den Haag and Scheveningen Haven and the Kurhaus. From the Kurhaus stop you can walk to the beach and highlights such as De Pier, Museum Beelden aan Zee and De Pier in a few minutes.

In total, the route has sixteen stops where you can get on and off:

  • Stop 1 (2511 BL The Hague): Center (10:15, 11:15, then every hour until 17:15) 
  • Stop 2 (2595 DC The Hague): Central Station (10:20, 11:20, then every hour until 17:20 
  • Stop 3 (2511 VB The Hague): Korte Voorhout (10:22, 11:22, then every hour until 17:22) 
  • Stop 4 (2514 EM The Hague): Kneuterdijk (10:24, 11:24 , then every hour until 17:24) 
  • Stop 5 (2514 JH The Hague): Mauritskade (10:26, 11:26, then every hour until 17:26) 
  • Stop 6 (2518 BD The Hague): Vredespaleis/Peace Palace ( 10:29, 11:29, then every hour until 17:29) 
  • Stop 7 (2585 JZ Den Haag): World Forum (10:32, 11:32, then every hour until 17:32) 
  • Stop 8 (2584 SX Den Hague): Keizerstraat (>Scheveningen) (10:36, 11:36, then every hour until 17:36)
  • Stop 9 (2586 KV The Hague): Scheveningseslag/Beelden aan Zee (>Scheveningen) (10:38, 11:38, then every hour until 17:38) 
  • Stop 10 (2586 CP The Hague): Kurhaus (>Scheveningen) ( 10:39, 11:39, then every hour until 17:39) 
  • Stop 11 (2586 HP The Hague): Scheveningen/Zwarte Pad (10:45, 11:45, then every hour until 17:45) 
  • Stop 10 (2586 CP The Hague): Kurhaus (>city) (10:47, 11:47, then every hour until 17:47) 
  • Stop 12 (2587 BV The Hague): Nieuwe Duinweg / Westbroekpark (10:49, 11:49, then every hour until 17:49) 
  • Stop 13 (2597 JG The Hague): Madurodam (10:52, 11:52, then every hour until 17:52) 
  • Stop 14 (2514 AA The Hague): Malieveld (10:57, 11 :57, then every hour until 17:57: last ride ends at Centrum)
  • Stop 15 (2513 AM Den Haag): Kerkplein (11:11, 12:11, then hourly until 18:11: last ride ends at Centrum) 
  • Stop 16 (2513 AL Den Haag): Gravenstraat (11:13, 12: 13, then every hour until 6:13 pm: last trip

The Tourist Tram is recognizable by the historic PCC trams in the classic Hague color scheme cream-green and the inscription Hof-on Hop-off.

Times and duration
The Tourist Tram The Hague is a Hop-on Hop-off tram connection between the center of The Hague and the beach and is operated with historic trams from the 1950s.

In 2022 the Tourist Tram will run on the following days:

  • From Saturday 16 April to Sunday 19 June on Saturdays and Sundays; and on Monday April 18 (Easter Monday), Thursday May 26 and Friday May 27 (Ascension Day) and Monday June 6 (Whit Monday). From Saturday 9 July to 30 September on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays - with the exception of 10 and 11 September.
  • In October: all Saturdays and Sundays
  • In November: every Saturday
  • The Tourist Tram does not run between 20 June and 8 July, and not on 10 and 11 September.

Check the website of the Tourist Tram for opening times. The tram runs every 30 minutes between 10:15 and 17:45 from the center of The Hague to Scheveningen beach. During the route along the many tourist attractions and sights you will hear interesting stories about The Hague via an audio tour. You can hop on and off as many times as you want over the course of a day.

Multilingual audio tour
Every seat on the Tourist Tram comes with an audio tour that explains the sights along the route. The audio tour is available in ten languages: Dutch, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and the Hague dialect. With Haags, the Hop-on Hop-off tram offers Dutch visitors an extra introduction to The Hague in a humorous way. Headphones are included in the price.

Historic Trams
The Hague Public Transport Museum (HOVM) uses historic trams for the Hop-on Hop-off connection. These original Hague trams, type PCC, were built from the 1950s. The vehicles have a classic Hague color scheme: cream-yellow with green piping. The interior also breathes the atmosphere of that time. The route of the Hop-on Hop-off tram has an even longer history. The very first tram connection in the Netherlands, then a horse tram, was opened in 1864 and ran from The Hague to Scheveningen. At the time, people thronged to go along with this then new and special means of transport.

Due to the Coronavirus, additional measures have been taken to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

  • The trams are cleaned even more often: bars and benches are cleaned with disinfectant before and after each ride.
  • Getting in and out is via the central doors and back door of the tram.
  • Wearing a face mask during the tram ride is not mandatory. You are advised to wear a face mask on the tram when it is busy.
  • If you feel sick, develop Corona-related symptoms or have a positive (self) test result, unfortunately you cannot take the Tourist Tram.

There are two types of tickets for sale for the Tourist Tram:

  • Adult - €16.00
  • Child (4 to 12 years) - €5.00

You can buy the tickets when boarding the tram (only debit and credit card), or in advance online via www.touristtram.nl or various online ticket agencies. Tickets are also for sale at The Hague Info Store in The Hague Central Station.

With a ticket you can ride the Hop-on Hop-off tram unlimited from the moment of boarding until the last Tourist Tram goes to the depot again.

A hostess or host welcomes you in every Tourist Tram and answers all your questions about the tram ride.

Timetable Tourist Tram

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Route & Highlights

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Tourist Tram
Tourist Tram
Tourist Tram
Tourist Tram
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