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Paleis Huis Ten Bosch Haagse Bos

Fun Facts


Fun Facts, those little facts that make your visit to a city just that much more fun. And with which you can impress others. The Hague also has many of those fun facts. You will find some here. 

Impressive facts

  • The Hague has more than 115 courtyards. Most are still inhabited.
  • The Hague has a coastline of 11 kilometers. Visit Tapuit Meijendel to find out more about nature and management of the coastline.
  • You can climb the tower of the 'Grote Kerk' (big church). You will climb no less than 288 steps during a guided tour in tower of the Grote Kerk. The spectacular view is worth it! 
  • You can see Rotterdam from the top of The Penthouse if the  weather is clear. 
  • The film Oceans 12 is partly filmed in The Hague. In our City Hall.
  • The street 'Unter Den Linden' in Berlin is based on the historic street 'the Lange Voorhout'.  
  • There are more than 180 nationalities living in The Hague. Close to the World Forum you will find the 192 flags of the UN countries.
  • The Hague is a very green city and has more trees than inhabitants.
  • A lot of well-known worldfamous bands have their roots in The Hague. Like the Golden Earring and Shocking Blue. Nowadays The Hague still has a lively music scene with lots of places to listen to live music. 
  • The Rolling Stones stayed at Hotel Des Indes and Anna Pavlova died here.
  • Prince gave a secret concert in local music venue Paard
  • Huis ten Bosch Palace (home to the royal family) used to be a brothel and prison. And in the citycenter you will find another historical prison which is now a museum
  • The first tennis court in the Netherlands was in The Hague. At the Parliament Buildings to be precise. There is still a memorial stone near the office of our Prime Minister Mark Rutte. He also has some great tips about The Hague for you!
  • Europe's first traffic light was in The Hague. In the Anna Paulownastraat near Panorama Mesdag and the Peace Palace.
  • There is a Lourdes grotto in Scheveningen? You will find this grotto in the Lourdes Chapel next to the Lourdes Church.
Excursions in The Hague
"The Hague has more trees than inhabitants"
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