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Venestraat & Wagenstraat

Venestraat, 2511 AS The Hague

The Venestraat and the Wagenstraat are the pulsating shopping heart of the city center of The Hague. The shopping streets that are in line with each other run from Chinatown along the Bijenkorf and the Grote Marktstraat to the oldest inn in The Hague, 't Goude Hooft. With a mix of large department stores, chains, flagship stores of well-known brands and beautiful historic facades, you should definitely not miss the car-free Venestraat and Wagenstraat during a day of shopping in the center of The Hague!

Car-free shopping
While the Wagenstraat in Chinatown is still accessible for cars, the part from the Bijenkorf is completely car-free. The narrow Venestraat is not suitable for cars anyway and therefore a nice shopping street to stroll through. The attentive shopper who looks up will also discover countless beautiful buildings, such as that of the Bijenkorf, P&C, H&M, Douglas and Esprit, COS and Vanilla. At the very end of the Venestraat is another historic gem, 't Goude Hooft. From here you can walk via Hoogstraat to Noordeinde Palace.

Clothing paradise
With countless fashion stores, shoppers can fully enjoy themselves in the Wagenstraat and Venestraat. De Bijenkorf, River Island, Peek & Cloppenburg, Zara, H&M, Esprit, Mango, COS, Sissy-Boy: there is a suitable store for every style and budget. You will also find both a large Douglas store with the best fragrances for men and women, plus a Rituals with all kinds of products for body and home.

Food and drink
Everyone knows that shopping for clothes makes you hungry. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to eat and drink in the Wagenstraat and Venestraat. From oriental to healthy treats for on the go. In Chinatown you can taste authentic Asian cuisine at the various cozy tokos and restaurants. If you walk further into the city center via the beautiful Chinese entrance gate, you will find the City Café on the ground floor at the Bijenkorf and restaurant The Kitchen on the third floor. Opposite the Bijenkorf you can get different types of fresh tea with an Asian twist at the YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar and in the Venestraat you can buy smoothies, juices and other healthy treats for on the go at the Smoothie Company. Something less healthy is also possible: at Frites Atelier from star chef Sergio Herman you can eat chic fries with a choice of special sauces.

The Wagenstraat was originally called Zuidereinde. Before World War II, Wagenstraat was the most important street in the Jewish quarter. In the 20th century, the Wagenstraat housed a number of famous guests. In 1937 John F. Kennedy spent a night in a hotel on the Wagenstraat during his holiday through Europe. The stay of the Korean diplomat Yi Jun, who was murdered in his hotel room, did not turn out so well. He was in The Hague to protest against the exclusion of Korea during the 2nd Hague International Peace Conference. As a tribute, the Peace Museum in Wagenstraat now bears his name. The Venstraat is one of the first streets that, as the name suggests, was built on the peat. In the first instance, it was built on a high beach wall. Once this was full, an alternative had to be found. It was found in draining and raising the marshy peat soil. This work took place between about 1316 and 1362.

A little further is the Passage, the oldest shopping center in the Netherlands. This can be reached via the Spuistraat or Grote Marktstraat. In the Passage you will mainly find luxury items, varying between, for example, cooking utensils, designer gift items and shoes. One of the largest Apple stores in Europe is also located here. In addition, there are several places to eat and drink. Extensive dining, but also a delicious cup of coffee or tea can be enjoyed in the Passage.

The Venestraat and Wagenstraat are located almost in the middle of the city center of The Hague and are therefore easy to reach. By car you can park at Q-Park City Parking. At this parking garage with 300 parking spaces you are parked about a 5-minute walk from the Venestraat/Wagenstraat transition. It is also easy to reach by public transport. Five different trams and two buses stop within walking distance.

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