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Excursions and Activities

Visafslag Scheveningen

Visafslagweg 1, 2583 DM The Hague

Scheveningen and fish are inextricably linked. Until World War II, fishing was the main source of income. The ports were opened in 1904 and the auction in 1949.

The port of Scheveningen is accessible to fishing vessels 24 hours a day, whatever the tide. The fish market is open every working day and is also one of the few auctions in the Netherlands to be supplied daily. For this reason and the favorable location in relation to the hinterland, Scheveningen is very interesting for many large and small traders. This offers suppliers the great advantage of making the maximum revenue, because the smallest parts (so-called bycatch) also bring in the maximum value. As a result, Scheveningen was able to attract many foreign suppliers for many years. The Scheveningen fleet consists of around 20 permanent suppliers. Fishing is mainly practiced with twinrig, flyshoot and impulse trawl. Small coastal fishermen also bring in their fish caught at the Scheveningen auction.

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