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Zwarte Pad

Zwarte Pad, 2586 HZ The Hague
Zwarte Pad Scheveningen
Beachclub Indigo Scheveningen
Beachclub Soomers Zwarte Pad
Beachclub Buiten Scheveningen
Noorderstrand Scheveningen
Zwarte Pad Scheveningen

The Zwarte Pad is a unique and beautiful beach on the Scheveningen coast. Whilst it's less touristy than the beach to the left of the pier, it's still the place to be, with the most beach parties all summer. So if you like to party you've come to the right place. Or you can just sit back and enjoy a relaxing glass of rosé or prosecco on one of the many hip sofas. And for parents of young children, there are distinct poles along the whole of the Zwarte Pad, which reduce the chances of anyone getting lost. A laid-back atmosphere and a wonderful holiday feeling go hand-in-hand at the Zwarte Pad on the North Beach!

Beach bars
From mid-March until October the Zwarte Pad comes alive with a number of vibrant beach bars. On this section of the North Beach ('Noorderstrand'), you will mainly find hip beach clubs frequented by young, trendy beach-goers from The Hague and the surrounding area.

Beach Parties
Sun, sea and music: the beach is the perfect place for a night out. The setting sun, the sand beneath your feet, great music... that's how to enjoy yourself in the summer, Hague style! In summer months there isn't a weekend that goes by without a beach party being held in one of the many beach clubs on the Zwarte Pad. From sultry lounge to deep house, there's something for everyone.

North Beach 
Carry on past the hip beach clubs on the Zwarte Pad and all you'll find is another long stretch of sand beneath your feet. On this part of the North Beach you can quietly enjoy the beautiful The Hague coast. Both of the entrances to the beach lead to the large Meijendel dune area, with its wonderful walks and cycle rides. But anyone wanting to explore this particular stretch of the beach will need plenty of energy because it's only accessible on foot or by bike.

Dogs and horses on the North Beach
Dogs are welcome all year round on the piece Noorderstrand after parking 'Zwarte Pad'. However, dog owners must always carry a bag and scoop to clean up any mess behind them. Enforcement teams from the local council regularly check to make sure that beach visitors with dogs observe the rules and deposit dog excrement in the special waste containers.
Similar rules apply to horses on North Beach: during the summer months horse riding is only permitted here between 19:00 in the evening and 7:00 in the morning. From October to May horses are welcome on North Beach the entire day.

How to get there
You can get to the Zwarte Pad by car or by public transport as well as by bike. If you're arriving by car, follow signs for Scheveningen-Bad and drive on until you reach the Zwarte Pad car park. The Zwarte Pad is also easily accessible by public transport: the Zwarte Pad is the last stop on a number of tram and bus routes. Coming by bike? On the northern side of the Scheveningse boulevard there is a guarded Biesieklette bike park. From the bike park you walk straight onto the Zwarte Pad!

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