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Unox New Year's Dive

Unox Nieuwjaarsduik Scheveningen
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The biggest New Year dive will take place in Scheveningen! Start the new year fresh with a dip in the cold North Sea water on the Scheveningen coast. This edition the start is at the height of Beelden aan Zee. Also for the not brave dodos, it is a perfect day out in The Hague, because it is and remains a beautiful spectacle with all those shivering people! 

'The most famous and biggest New Year's dive in the Netherlands!'


Registration for the Unox New Year's Dive Scheveningen starts from 10:30 am. Around 11:45 am, it is time for the collective warm-up with music to keep everyone nice and warm. At 12:00 the dive will start. Be on time if you want to join in. You will need time to change clothes. Everyone participating in the Unox New Year's Dive in Scheveningen will receive an Unox hat.

North Sea temperature

The sea water has an average temperature of around 5 degrees on New Year's Day. It is therefore advisable to bring warm clothes, put on a hat and warm up before the New Year's dive. Afterwards, warm up with a cup of hot pea soup.

Want to rent a locker during the New Year's Dive?

Want to keep valuables like your wallet, phone, keys or clothes safe? You can do so within walking distance of the beach, at APCOA Parking Nieuwe Parklaan. You can rent a locker in this car park to keep your belongings safe.

Costs New Year's dive

Participation in the Unox New Year's Dive in Scheveningen costs 4 euros, which you pay at registration on the spot. It is therefore not possible to book in advance. 

Unox Nieuwjaarsduik Scheveningen
Unox Nieuwjaarsduik Scheveningen
During the New Year dive, you will see the whole beach full of smiling daredevils. 

Accessibility and parking

Scheveningen is easily and quickly accessible by public transport, car and bicycle. The popular seaside resort has many car parks and is about 15-20 minutes away from both NS railway stations by public transport. Due to the crowds around the New Year's dive, it is recommended to come by public transport or bicycle. More info on public transport connections and routes can be found here.

Avoid traffic jams with this tip

Reserve your spot in Park + Beach. Drive straight from the A12 into the garage and continue your journey by tram. From €5. you can book here.

Unox Nieuwjaarsduik Scheveningen
The moment suprême: and run!

History of the New Year's Dive

The dive in Scheveningen, thus taking a dip in the North Sea in the winter cold, started in 1965 on the initiative of Jan van Scheijndel, the ex-Canal swimmer of the Swimming Club Residentie. The dive was taken by seven participants at the time. Over time, the New Year dive grew from a few eccentric fanatics to a massive event with some 10,000 participants. Nowadays, it is sponsored by Unox. This brand provides the divers with an orange ice cream hat and rewards the brave divers with hot snert after the New Year's dive.

Unox Nieuwjaarsduik Scheveningen
Unox Nieuwjaarsduik Scheveningen
Not cold at all!

Dates and Times

Wednesday 1 January 2025
€ 4,00
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