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Scheveningen Pier

How to reach The Hague beaches

A day or weekend at the beach in Scheveningen or Kijkduin? Check in advance how you can travel best and fastest. After all, you don't want to spend unnecessary time travelling and especially on nice days it can be very busy on the roads to the beaches of Scheveningen and Kijkduin.

By bike, public transport, scooter or shared scooter you will reach the beach the quickest. Coming by car to Scheveningen? Then use Park + Beach or park in a car park.

View map of car parks, public transport and parking facilities

To Scheveningen 

Whether you take the tram or the bus, public transport in The Hague gives you plenty of ways to get to the beach. If you are smart, take advantage of this because you can avoid long traffic jams. Do you prefer not to sit in a crowded tram or bus? Then leave at a less busy time, so not at 09.00 in the morning or 18.00 in the evening.

By bike, shared bike, private or shared scooter

You can cycle to the beach via the safe and clearly marked cycling routes.

  • Along the Boulevard, you will find a number of free and guarded, as well as unguarded parking spaces for your bike or scooter.
  • There are dedicated parking spaces for shared scooters, which can be found in the providers' app (felyx, Go Sharing and Check). Among others, at Zwarte Pad, Korte Zeekant and Vissershavenweg. Share bikes can be parked in the free bike sheds.

By tram

From The Hague HS station, Scheveningen can be reached by:

  • Tram 1 and 9 towards Scheveningen Noord
  • Tram 11 direction Strandweg
  • Tram 12 direction Markenseplein (Duindorp)

From The Hague CS station and The Hague HS station:

  • Tram 9 towards Scheveningen Noord

Cost: 2-hour ticket € 4.50, day ticket € 8.00

By bus

From Voorburg station and The Hague Laan van NOI station:

  • Bus 23 towards Scheveningen Noord: 
  • Bus 28 towards The Hague Zuiderstrand

From The Hague Central Station: 

  • Bus 22 towards The Hague Duindorp (various stops along the coast)

From The Hague Vrederust: 

  • Line 1 towards Scheveningen Noord

Cost: 2-hour ticket €4.50, day ticket €8.00

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Mooiste stranden en wijken
Which beach of The Hague is the spot for me?
Kaart Bereikbaarheid Den Haag en stranden 2023
Get prepared and travel smart to Scheveningen. Make use of the P+B options or travel by public transport.

By boat

Rederij Willemsvaart sails daily between the Koekamp and the Haringkade. From there, you can walk to the beach in 10 minutes.

Cost: Single trip DH Centrum - Scheveningen 12 years and over € 12.50. 

By car

On busy days, it is sometimes difficult to find a parking space close to the beach. If you come by car, use Park + BeachPark & Bike or park in a parkaring garage: Kurhaus, Boulevard, Nieuwe Parklaan en Strand (Zwolsestraat). There are car parks at Zwarte Pad and Noorderlijk Havenhoofd (daily rate: € 25.75).


  • Car parks from € 3.50 per hour / daily rate from € 25.00
  • Park & Bike: from € 17 per day
  • Park + Beach: from € 6,- per day
  • Street parking: from € 6.50 per hour (also applies to car parks) 

Please note: on Scheveningen, the new daily rate of € 50.00 only applies in the streets of the residential areas: Gevers Deynootweg (car park in front of the Oranjeflats), Harteveltstraat, Jongeneelstraat, Pellenaerstraat and Seinpostduin. 

If you are disabled and have a disabled parking card, check the map for suitable parking spaces close to the beach.

By motorbike

On Strandweg, from Scheveningse slag between Adriaan Maasplein and Strandweg, 2 free parking lanes are reserved for motorbikes.

Park + Beach

With Park + Beach, you reserve a parking space at 1 of the following garages: CS New Babylon, Malieveld, P+R Hoornwijck and World Forum. The car parks are located outside Scheveningen. From there, you can quickly and easily continue to Scheveningen by public transport or shared transport.

  • Full-day parking including return ticket tram for driver car: € 6,-
  • For each fellow passenger (max. 4): € 1,-
  • Parking all day including use of The Hague City Bike for car driver: € 8,-
  • For each fellow passenger: € 2,-
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Scheveningen Pier
'Park+Beach is the perfect solution for a visit to the beach in The Hague.'

Park & Bike

With Park & Bike, you reserve a parking space at P+B Duindigt and continue your journey to the beach with the Haagse Stadfiets. You can cycle to the boulevard of Scheveningen in 14 minutes. 

  • Full-day parking including use of The Hague City Bike for driver: € 17,-.
  • For each fellow passenger: € 9,50             
View all information about Park & Bike
Fietsend stel met kinderen in de duinen
With the wind through your hair on a bicycle through the dunes of The Hague! 

To Kijkduin

By bicycle, shared bike, private or shared scooter

You can cycle to the beach via the safe and clearly marked bicycle routes.

  • You can park your bike free of charge and guarded in the Kijkduinsestraat parking area or free of charge in the Zandvoortselaan parking area.
  • Scooters can be parked in the Zandvoortselaan car park.
  • Shared scooters have their own parking spaces in the app of the providers (felyx, Go Sharing and Check).

By bus

From The Hague CS station and The Hague Laan van NOI station, Kijkduin can be reached by:

  • Bus 24 towards The Hague Kijkduin.

From The Hague Moerwijk station, Kijkduin can be reached by:

  • Bus 26 towards The Hague Kijkduin.

Cost: 2-hour ticket €4.50, day ticket €8.00

By car

On busy days, it is sometimes difficult to find a parking spot near the beach. Coming by car? Watch out! Work is in progress at Kijkduin to improve the beach resort. Check here for current diversion routes. During the work, shops, catering establishments, homes, the beach and the beach pavilions are accessible as usual.

Kijkduin has plenty of parking spaces. You can park your car on:

  • The central reservation of the Kijkduinsestraat
  • The parking area on Zandvoortselaan
  • Along Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan from Kijkduinsestraat

Want to use a disabled parking space? Check on the map where these are located close to the beach.

Kijkduin strand
Kijkduin is more quit and has plenty of parking spaces. 

The Hague's beaches accessibility for the disabled

The Hague's beaches are easily accessible for people with physical disabilities.

Public transport and parking

  • For the accessibility of trams and buses, check the HTM website.

Taxi and regional taxi

The Hague beaches have a few places where you can be dropped off by (regional) taxi. Read more about AV 070 or book AV 070 here.

Beach wheelchairs

At the bicycle shed on the Strandweg in Scheveningen, you can rent (electric) beach wheelchairs for a ride on the beach. Or borrow the ScoutCrawler. In this tracked vehicle, you can take your own wheelchair.

More information, opening hours, reservations and prices:

Plattegrond stranden van Den Haag
The beaches of The Hague on the map. Download the map here.

Practical information Scheveningen and Kijkduin

How do I swim safely in the sea? When can I take my dog ​​to the beach? Or where can I rent a beach wheelchair? We have listed all this practical information for you.

Prepared on the road
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