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Scheveningen Pier




A kilometre-long beach in your backyard, that's Scheveningen for The Hague. A lovely place to be four seasons a year. With a glass of Chardonnay on a lounge sofa in the sun or with a sailing jacket full of wind. Whichever season it is, the effect of the fresh breeze remains unchanged; a relaxed, rosy and satisfied holiday feeling.

Dining in Scheveningen

For a sunset dinner, Scheveningen is perfect. The fish comes fresher than fresh straight from the sea and you can taste it. Enjoy a special culinary evening out not only at the beach bars on the boulevard and the restaurants in Scheveningen. The fish restaurants in the Scheveningen Harbour also provide a dynamic setting for an atmospheric dinner.Barbecuing on the beach? There are special rules for that.

Vlaggetjesdag Scheveningen
The Hague Beach Stadium Scheveningen
Flag Day, The Hague Beach Stadium and so much more. There is something to do every day at Scheveningen.

Nightlife in Scheveningen

Sun, sea, good food, music: the beach is a perfect place for a night out! During the summer months, not a weekend goes by without a fun beach party in one of Scheveningen's beach clubs. At the Circustheater, you can enjoy the biggest Joop van den Ende musicals and the funniest cabaret shows. And in the casino you will always have a fun evening!

Scheveningen Pier
How to reach The Hague beaches

Attractions and museums in Scheveningen

Come face to face with sharks, piranhas, rays and seahorses in SEA LIFE Scheveningen. Immerse yourself in the world of Lego in Legoland. Visit Muzee Scheveningen, where you will learn everything about the history of the old fishing village. Or visit an exhibition in one of the most special museums in the Netherlands, Beelden aan Zee, half hidden in the dunes. These various attractions and museums in Scheveningen are also a great alternative when it rains, especially for children.

'How do you experience The Hague, the City by the Sea? By visiting Scheveningen!'

Beaches of Scheveningen

Zwarte Pad

Relax and party: welcome to the Zwarte Pad. A quirky and cosy beach on the dunes on the north side of the Scheveningen Pier. On this intimate stretch of beach you will find about 10 beach bars. All with their own vibe. Think of a sleek beach club like Barborossa, the licentious Indigo or the always cosy and no-nonsense Buiten.

One of the stands full of beach parties: the Zwarte Pad


The Noordboulevard lies exactly between the Zwarte pad and the Pier beach. This section of beach, on the boulevard with shops, kiosks and Foodhall Scheveningen, has a vast beach with a wide view. Everything is brand new, as the redevelopment was completed 2022. It is usually a lot quieter here than at the Pier and the Middenboulevard.

Kurhaus Beach and the Pier

The beach in front of the beautiful Kurhaus. Liveliness abounds on this beach, with many beach pavilions, a whole boulevard full of eateries and various attractions, such as the Pier, Legoland and SEA Life Scheveningen. It is pleasant here 365 days a year. So even in winter!

Renovation of Scheveningen boulevard

Scheveningen's boulevard is unique and we want to keep it that way. That is why the central part of the boulevard, between De Pier and Museum Beelden aan Zee (Statues by the Sea), will be renovated. Renovation will take place until the summer of 2025 and the boulevard will be rearranged. The boulevard will be wider and greener. There will be a central square directly in front of the Kurhaus with a large staircase to the beach. New ramps will make the beach accessible to everyone. You can continue to walk along the boulevard during the work. For two summers during the renovation, the beach pavilions will be closer to the sea on a temporary boulevard. Via ramps and two pedestrian bridges, you can quickly get from the boulevard to the beach. During the renovation, there are regular activities and exhibitions around the boulevard. So your visit to Scheveningen will remain extraordinary!

Renovatie Middenboulevard Artist Impression
Photo: gemeente Den Haag

Middenboulevard and Noordelijk Havenhoofd

This beach, with lots of peace and quiet and some beach pavilions, runs all the way to the Noordelijk Havenhoofd and is a real surf spot. Behind the boulevard you will also find the typical Scheveningen Keizerstraat with shops and cosy restaurants.

Koppel wandelt op strand Scheveningen met de Pier en het reuzenrad op de achtergrond
Walking across one Scheveningen beach to another makes everyone happy

Sunny weather on it's way? Keep in mind:

  • The beach will probably be crowded, so go early in the morning or go a bit later for a nice beach evening, in summer the sun sets late, you can enjoy the sunset right away. 
  • Also look for a different spot, just outside the bustle of the boulevard.
  • Travel smart: check here for tips on how to get to Scheveningen cheaply and quickly.
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