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Mooiste stranden en wijken

Which beach of The Hague is the spot for me?

The Hague has the luxury of 11 kilometers of coast on its doorstep. Each part of the beach has its own vibe. Are you going to Zwarte pad, the beach at the Pier or are you looking for more peace and quiet at the Zuiderstrand or Kijkduin? Especially with busy beach days it can be nice to determine in advance which beach you want to visit. We have listed the beaches for you, the choice is huge!

Good weather forecast predicted? Here some more tips: 

The beach will probably get busy, so go early in the morning or go a little later for a nice beach evening, during the summer period the sun only sets after 10 pm, so you can immediately enjoy the sunset. 
Also look for another place, just outside the crowded area of the boulevard, see the tips below. 
Travel smart: look here for tips on how to travel cheap and quickly to Scheveningen.
Keep an eye on this website and our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter page @thisisthehague. If it gets too busy, Scheveningen can be closed.

This list of beaches has been viewed from north to south. We also give you tips for the accessibility of the beaches.

The zwarte pad

The Zwarte Pad is a cozy beach. On the one hand, less touristic than at the Kurhaus and the Pier, on the other hand, the place where most beach parties are held in summer. As a partygoer you have come to the right place. But you can also relax here with a glass of rosé or prosecco on a trendy lounge sofa. And for parents with children: along the entire Zwarte Pad there are recognizable posts to reduce the chance of getting lost. Playground equipment and trampolines can also be found. 

Accessibility of this beach

North Boulevard

The North Boulevard is located between the Zwarte pad and the beach of the Pier. This section has an expansive beach with expansive views. On the modern and hip boulevard you will find kiosks for chips or a sandwich and souvenirs. There are several beach pavilions and beach entrances on the beach for wheelchair users and prams. The well-known nightclub Soulsistah Beach and the Foodhall Scheveningen can be found on the North Boulevard ass well. Also the KISS ME artwork by Selwyn Senatori were you can take a selfie is located there. Anyone who also wants to shop during a day at the beach is at the right place on this boulevard. 

Accessibility of this beach

Scheveningen Pier
De Pier and the Kurhaus

Beach Kurhaus en The Pier

The beach located in front of the beautiful well-known Kurhaus Hotel. Liveliness everywhere on this beach, with an entire boulevard full of restaurants, many beach pavilions, SEA Life Scheveningen, Museum Beelden aan Zee, LEGOLAND® Discovery Center and the Pier. On the Pier it is a lively activity of shops and little restaurants and with attractions such as the Ferris wheel, Bungy Jump Holland and the Zipline there are also fun things to do for young and old all year round. This beach is absolutely cozy, but if you are looking for a little more peace and space, we recommend walking towards the North Boulevard or the Zwarte pad. There is a path on the beach in that direction. You can also walk south towards the central boulevard and the Northern Harbor Head. 

Accessibility of this beach

Central Boulevard and the Northern Harbour

The surf beach! This beach, which runs all the way to the Northern Harbour Head, is a real surf spot. On the boulevard you can see the statue of The Fisherman's wife of Scheveningen. This woman, dressed in Scheveningen costume, has turned her gaze to the sea where she once expected one or more of her loved ones back. Right behind the Fisherman's wife you will find the Keizerstraat with shops and local restaurants. The Scheveningen Lighthouse can also be found here. At Hart Beach Quiksilver Surfvillage you can take surf lessons, but they also have a nice surf shop and and restaurant were you can eat and drink. You can also walk straight from the surf school into the harbor of Scheveningen, where you have many delicious fish restaurants. You are now also close to The Hague Beach Stadium, the largest stadium for outdoor beach sports in the Netherlands.

Accessibility of this beach

Now we cross the harbor towards the Zuiderstrand and Kijkduin.


The Zuiderstrand, directly behind the dunes, is one of the most beautiful parts of The Hague. Among local people it is also known as the quiet beach. There are some authentic beach pavilions. The Zuiderstrand is also a perfect place for water sports. From April to the end of September, the catamarans of the The Hague Coast Sailing Association(HKZV) can be found at beach stroke 10. Surfers will also get their money's worth at the Zuiderstrand. From May to September, dogs are prohibited on most parts of Zuiderstrand all day, but dogs are allowed on Zuiderstrand in the evenings between 9:00 PM and 7:00 AM. 

Accessibility of this beach


The small scale of Kijkduin gives it its charm. Currently there is a lot of construction going on but you can still enjoy a nice view of the sea. If you want to find peace and quiet, you are in the dunes within a few minutes. It is the ideal place for a brisk walk or bike ride. You're in for a walk? Then walk south and admire the Sand Motor, an artificial peninsula. You can have a bite to eat at one of the beach pavilions or restaurants and there are also plenty of shops for handy beach supplies or nice clothing. There is also plenty to do for children in Kijkduin, such as at the Beachcomber's Shed Kijkduin; borrow a net to go fishing in the sea or search for treasures with a real metal detector. 

Accessibility of this beach

Parks and Forests in The Hague.

Do you want to be active again after all that lazy sunbathing on the beach? Or are you ready for a spot in the shade? Nice and cool among the greenery? Then you will find it in The Hague because we have many parks and forests. Wonderful places for walking, cycling or having a nice picnic. Here is an overview of The Hague's greenery.Haagse groen.

Practical beach information

How do I swim safely in the sea? When can I take my dog ​​to the beach? Or where can I rent a beach wheelchair? We have listed all this practical information for you.

Prepared to go on the road
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