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Keizerstraat, 2584 BD The Hague
Keizerstraat Scheveningen
Keizerstraat Scheveningen

Keizerstraat is the oldest and most historic shopping street in Scheveningen and its surroundings. The former fishermen's houses in and around this cosy street provide a lot of cosiness. You will find many small shops and eateries here, but also large chains, such as Albert Heijn, HEMA and Blokker. In short: an authentic shopping street in Scheveningen-Dorp, where you can take a pleasant stroll towards the boulevard but also do your daily shopping. What makes the centre of Scheveningen so nice is that most shops and catering establishments are run by real Scheveningers, who put their heart and soul into running their business and are often happy to tell you fun anecdotes about life in this beautiful part of The Hague by the sea.

Scheveningen Village
The old centre of Scheveningen is a small, authentic village. It offers plenty of warmth, atmosphere and cosiness. While shopping in the Keizerstraat and surrounding streets, you can still feel the atmosphere of the former fishing village. The centrepiece of Scheveningen's picturesque centre is the Old Church at the end of the Keizerstraat. The church is the oldest monument of the former fishing village and dates back to the 15th century. If you continue up the boulevard after the church, you will automatically end up at the famous statue of the Scheveningen fisherman's wife.

The range of shops on Keizerstraat is wide and diverse. This shopping street really has it all. The historic seaside shopping heart contains many authentic small shops. There are many speciality shops where you can do your daily shopping, such as cheese at a cosy typically Dutch cheese shop, fresh bread and cakes at a delicious pastry shop where you want to eat everything in sight, fresh fish from the harbour at the fishmonger's, vegetables at the greengrocer's. You feel a bit like you're back in the days of old in Keizerstraat but the businesses have all moved with the times and cater well to today's needs.
And if you don't want to do everything by foot, it's worth renting a bike at Haagsche Stadsfiets near the boulevard.

There's no shortage of catering on Keizerstraat either. Lunchrooms, eateries and restaurants offer plenty of opportunities to rest from a day of shopping or the beach, and watch the passing public. You will find friendly coffee shops and patisseries where you can enjoy all the goodies made in the kitchen or bakery on your way to or on your way back from Scheveningen's hip surf culture. There are several nice eateries and restaurants and brown pubs where you can enjoy good real Scheveningen beer, local specialities but also world cuisine.

Keizerstraat starts at the end of Scheveningseweg and ends shortly before the boulevard. By car, the shopping street is easily accessible via the Scheveningseweg. Street parking is paid almost everywhere in Scheveningen; the nearest car parks are 10 to 15 minutes' walk away. The easiest way to reach the Keizerstraat is by tram. Several trams and also buses run from both stations in the direction of Scheveningen-Dorp. You can then get off at Jurriaan Kokstraat or just on the boulevard side. From the cycle path over the boulevard, the Keizerstraat is also very easy to reach.

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