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Exhibition Alphonse Mucha: a feast for your eyes

From Saturday 5 February in the Kunstmuseum.

3 Feb 2022

Photo: Lorrainne Wernsing Text: Ferdinand Korff de Gidts


Suddenly he became world famous with his poster Gismonda (1894): Alphonse Mucha. The style of the artist from the Czech Republic has become synonymous with Art Nouveau. And anyone who talks about this modern movement that dominated the Parisian street scene is also talking about The Hague. The court city is the Art Nouveau city of the country. From February 5 to July 3, the Kunstmuseum will display an extensive selection of Alphonse Mucha. From posters and illustrations to colorful glassware. The closing of the exhibition is a real feast for the eyes. Think of it as a psychedelic party full of theater and concert posters. Here you can see the rediscovery of Mucha's work from the 60's and how his style is reflected in pop culture. For example in the record cover designs of The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd.

The final touch-ups before the opening next Saturday.
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